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Monthly Archives: January 2004

Drippy Haybath!

“You say it’s your birthday? It’s my birthday, too!” Happy Birthday to me! When I was two years old, I sat in front of the television as man took his first steps on the moon. I’ll leave the math to you. When I was in college, our friend Martin took a “Happy Birthday” banner made of colorful cardboard letters, and rearranged it to read “Drippy Haybath”. Ever since then, it has been the tradition of … Continue reading

WordPress Style Competition

I really should have mentioned this sooner, but fellow WordPress developer Alex King is sponsoring a WordPress Style Competition, with cash prizes and prominant linkage! The deadline for entry is Friday, February 6, so get to work!

Sushi @ Kyoto

Last night I went with my coworkerJason to Kyoto Sushi, which recently opened up in Dothan. The atmosphere is very nice, with beautiful wood beams, sushi bar, and wall decorations. We each ordered a variety of sushi, some miso soup, and I ordered some gyoza (pan-fried pork dumplings), which we shared. Jason had spicy tuna roll, ebi tem roll (shrimp tempura), and some salmon nigiri (rice with fish on top). I had the super crunch … Continue reading


This server was down for about 40 minutes today, due to a power failure at my hosting location. The power failure was caused, ironically enough, by a guy who was doing maintenance on the UPS systems. 😕

MyDoom? No. Somebody else’s doom.

This new “MyDoom” virus that’s going around is pissing me off. No, I haven’t been infected — both my home and work email addresses are well protected against such things. But I *am* getting tons of messages that are warnings about incoming viruses caught by my filters. I cleaned out about 800 warnings this morning, and I’ve received about 20 or 30 more since then.

WordPress 1.0.1

I meant to post this earlier, but got busy and forgot. Yesterday, we released WordPress 1.0.1. This latest release contains some bugfixes, and is the most stable version of WordPress to date. We will now begin work on new features for version 1.1. Stay tuned!

coLinux: Linux kernel for Windows

This is way geeky cool: Cooperative Linux is the first working free and open source method for optimally running Linux on Microsoft Windows natively. More generally, Cooperative Linux (short-named coLinux) is a port of the Linux kernel that allows it to run cooperatively alongside another operating system on a single machine. For instance, it allows one to freely run Linux on Windows 2000/XP, without using a commercial PC virtualization software such as VMware, in a … Continue reading

Weight Goal

I lost 1.2 pounds since last Monday. Which means that I’ve caught up from the shortfall I had during my first week. When I get time, I’ll put up a page with more details about my weight loss program (if the word “program” really applies), and I’ll try to throw some scripts together to automatically generate some stats and graphs.

The Week of Birthday

One week to go to my birthday. Of course, I’m not as excited about it as I used to be when I was a kid. When my family asks, “what do you want for your birthday?” I usually just shrug and say, “whatever.” What I really need to do is update my wishlists on Amazon and ThinkGeek.


Google has launched a new social networking service called Orkut. I’d like to check it out, but the only way in is to be invited by someone who is already a member. Can anyone help me out?