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20 Responses to Get your Google Pagerank

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  2. Tim says:

    That PageRank tool IS pretty nifty. I have the toolbar installed, so that it shows in my browser, but I know that having it installed allows some of my surfing to be recorded. (At least, I think that’s what I agreed to when I downloaded it.)

    It doesn’t look like the user will be vulnerable to that kind of “over the shoulder” business by using MyRankOnline. Of course, it’s gotta be pretty good for MyRankOnline’s PageRank, too if everyone that installs it has a link to them. 🙂

  3. Bryan Price says:

    Very cool.

    I’m still surprised that my PageRank is 5, getting maybe 400 different visitors a month (according to the latest webstats), and not that many incoming links to me (8 I think according to Technorati). Google likes me, because they read my index page every day. Also according to my webstats, Google accounts for almost 25% of my traffic. :S

    Strange? I thought so. Is it just because I’m using Blogger? :/

  4. Bryan Price says:

    Wow. Something just happened. My page rank just dropped 1 to 4. And I see Dougals went from 0 (when I first loaded this page) to 4 as well. I just put this on another page, and it WAS showing a page rank of 5, then I blinked and it went to 4. I’m an old fart, but I didn’t think my eyes were that bad!

  5. That’s odd. It’s been consistently showing me my pagerank at ‘6’.

  6. Bryan Price says:

    Sung to the tune of The Brady Bunch…

    “It’s the Google Dance! It’s the Google Dance!”

    OK, that’s enough to ruin anybody’s day. :/

  7. Bryan Price says:

    Houston, we have a problem.

    I now understand why I went from PR 5 to PR 4. Cacheing. Mozilla cached the graphic, which is the same URI, and was cacheing my other page of PR 4. Which is also why this page was showing as a PR 4 – to me! I figured this out by using IE. IE doesn’t seem to be cacheing the graphic, and is instead grabbing fresh. But that doesn’t tell me why your site is showing consistently — to me — as no rank. Which it does right now.

  8. Bryan Price says:

    OK, you stripped my graphic out. Go here and see for yourself.

  9. Bryan Price says:

    I had it named Geek, but I miss-plet it in the comment, so I changed the name of the file instead of posting another correcting comment. Sigh.

    Also, I should also mention that my IE Google toolbar also shows your sight with no page rank. Time to check the /robots.txt file?

  10. Bryan Price says:

    BTW, I obviously can’t spell today. :p

  11. Chris Short says:

    Very, very cool. I will definitely have to find a good use for this. Thanks.

  12. Alex Raiano says:

    Nice find…I’ll have to add it to my two sites :).

  13. My page rank now is 4, recently I added to my site 600 dynamic pages; I am really curious to see the results after the next “google dance” !!!

  14. Tom Levine says:

    I wish the link was still working…If someone has a fresh link, please post in comments. thx, t

  15. Well, since that site has been down for a while, I now suggest that if you want to find your pagerank, use the Google Toolbar, or install the Google PageRank Extension for Firefox.

  16. Tom says:

    Thanks for the follow-up, Dougal!

    I am switching over to Firefox from IE this week, hopefully, if I can set some time aside…

    I was looking around for something that would give me accurate, current rank information. Of course, it looks like the IE toolbar is only going to be updated quarterly by Google now, so it’s hard to rely on.

    I’m guessing, of course, that It’ll be likely the FireFox extension will give me the same data, which may very well be the end of the road for me in this particular quest.

    In any event, I greatly appreciate the follow up and your suggestions, Dougal.

    Sincerely, Tom

  17. AndrewA says:

    The link that you provided gives me 404.

  18. Here there are other links:

    Page Rank Update List History Table

    Calculate the Google Page Rank of your website

  19. Francesco says:

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