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Technorati redesign

Thanks to the efforts of Tantek: a new Technorati design. In the words of Scotty, “It’s…it’s… It’s green!”

By rewriting the vast majority of the markup (both from the old Technorati site, and the mockups from AP), I was able to simultaneously reduce the size of the HTML, while significantly increasing its semantic fidelity.

The result: I cut the size of Technorati’s home page in half, made it Valid XHTML, with a style sheet that is Valid CSS. (Nevermind that the W3C CSS Validator is buggy in that it incorrectly labels the page as invalid due to the validator’s failure to parse the perfectly valid media attribute value screen,projection).

However, they seem to be having some backend problems at the moment. I can’t get it to show me my link cosmos unless I manually remove the “rank” parameter from the querystring.

(via photomatt)

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