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The DMV Secret Society

Those of you who have read my past writings know that we recently moved our family from Alabama to Georgia. Of course, this necessitates a lot of bureaucratic tasks such as change of address forms, setting up utilities, changing our drivers licenses, car registration, etc. This week we finally got around to the drivers license bits, and it’s a little different here than it was in our old hometown.

The town we came from, Enterprise, Alabama, is pretty small. I think the population is somewhere around 20,000. It’s also the county seat, so everyone in Coffee county goes there to get their drivers license. Typically, if you go to get your license established or renewd, you might have to wait for the 5-10 others who arrived before you, so it might take you, say, 30 to 45 minutes. Maybe an hour if the person behind the counter knows one of the people in line and spends a few minutes gabbing.

Now, Woodstock, Georgia is a pretty small town, too. Technically, it’s smaller than Enterprise, with an estimated population of around 12,000. However, Woodstock is part of the sprawl of Metro Atlanta. This has advantages and disadvantages.

On the plus side, it means that we can go to any number of DMV offices to get our license. On the downside, as we discovered on Tuesday, it means that there are lines of 100 people or more, and at the end of that line you take a number and wait some more for your number to be called. We spent about an hour chatting with the people near us in line and occassionally moving forward a few steps. The lady in front of us said that she had heard that there was some secret phone number that you could call that would let you get a ticket number in advance. We joked around, wondering how one could join the elite secret society who held this forbidden knowledge.

When we finally reached the counter, the man there checked our identification (old license, passport, birth certificate, utility bills), issued us our numbers, and mentioned that there was a 4-hour wait. Ack! About the time we realized that this would be around the same time that we needed to pick the kids up from school, the DMV guy looks at my wife and says, “cool earrings!” I thought it was pretty brazen for him to hit on my wife with me standing right there. But then I realized that she was wearing her Celtic cross earrings. And he was showing her the Celtic cross on the necklace he wore. We wound up talking about Highland Games (he didn’t know about the Alabama Highland Games in Montgomery, Alabama). Then he handed Susan a piece of paper, with a phone number circled. “If you can’t make it back today, call this number. You can make a reservation for a specific time to get your license.”

Susan’s earrings had given us entry into the DMV Secret Society! We called the phone number and made a reservation for the next morning. Could it really be this easy? Were we really going to be able to just bypass the wait?

The next day, we drove to the DMV location for our reservation (different from the office we were at the previous day). We had left way ahead of time, since we weren’t familiar with the area (and the online maps we printed out were only of marginal help), so we arrived about 20 minutes early. There was a line of at least 200 people winding out of the door and into the parking lot. Susan sent me inside to ask how this reservation deal worked. A few moments later, I was able to poke my head back outside and motion for her to come on in. It was true! Our reservation allowed us to jump to the front of the line!

They issued us our numbers and said to go on up to the counter when they called for reservations. Just a few minutes later, Susan was called, and not long after that, my number flashed up at a station on the other side of the room. They checked our IDs again, had us fill out some paperwork (“Are you a legal resident of the United States? Do you have any history of mental illness? What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?”), and told us to go to the next station.

I’m not sure what the purpose of the next station was. As we waited for our numbers to be called, we people-watched. Unfortunately. One, er, gentleman who went up to the counter ahead of us was having a wardrobe malfunction. This particular fellow looked like he was allergic to bathing. His hair and beard were long, stringy, and greasy. His clothes were worn and dirty. And when he went up the counter, his jeans were sagging down a bit, kind of like the style that kids have been doing for a few years. Except it wasn’t on purpose. He reached around to hitch his jeans up, and we got to see just a little more of his backside than we would have preferred. Susan and I exchanged looks, both of us trying to stifle the urge to either exclaim, “Ugh!” or laugh out loud.

Anyhow, soon after the floor show was done, we were called up. We handed over our paperwork and the cash for the fee. They entered something into the computer and handed back the paperwork and cash, and told us to wait in another area to get our photographs taken. A few minutes later we were handing the paperwork and cash to a different person. Then they did some electronic fingerprint scans, took our pictures, and less than five minutes later, we had our new Georgia driver’s licenses in hand. We are now, finally, officially Georgia residents.

All thanks to Susan’s earrings.

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8 Responses to The DMV Secret Society

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  2. indieb0i says:

    At least all you had to do was stand in line to switch over paperwork. When I officially moved to NJ from Pennsylvania, they make you retake the written test again. On top of that, my PA license was too worn by their standards, so I had to renew that one first. The steps broke down as follows:

    1. Renew PA license
    2. Stand in line to apply for learner’s permit
    3. Stand in line to pay for learner’s permit
    4. Stand in line to take test
    5. Take test
    6. Stand in line to apply for license
    7. Stand in line to get picture taken
    8. Stand in line to pay for license

    It wasn’t fun. It took quite a few hours (after a number of aborted attempts). I don’t understand why they pretend you’re a new driver in spite of years of being licensed in another state. A friend of mine did the opposite move (NJ to PA). She simply walked into a PA DMV, handed over her NJ license, had her picture taken, and walked out with a professional looking driver’s license that day (NJ’s used to look like high school IDs).

    But congratulations on joining the secret society, that sure should help out in the future. Who keeps the metric system down?

  3. Suze says:

    Wow! Remind me never to move to Pennsylvania – that’s awful! Well, unfortunately, my Celtic cross earrings and membership into the driver’s license society did not carry over to the license plate society. I’ve gotten hung up at the DMV for our van. Our van was in a car accident before we bought it; however, it looks great, runs great, and more importantly, it was the perfect size van for our son’s therarpy equipment, hence the reason we bought it used. (Our mechanic also recommended it to us as well). However, for some reason, the state of Alabama issued the title to me as a “rebuilt” vehicle, therefore, the state of Georgia assumes I’m driving some kind wreck, so they won’t issue a license plate without $85 worth of inspections. Further, I’m supposed to track down the original owner, have him sign a paper, plus track down the place that did the repair work five years ago in Alabama and have them sign a paper verifying their work. First, though, I’m going to try going to another DMV location and see what happens – see if I can slide it through at another office! 😉 Wish me luck!

  4. Stacey says:

    I am so glad I read this!! I was online to get the info to go get my license. We just moved to Canton, GA from Texas and I need to get my license. I think I also will try the appointment thing (secret society). Thanks!!

  5. Ben Ramsey says:

    I found this post kind of late, so I’m sorry I couldn’t be of help, but if you go north on Hwy 5 out of downtown Woodstock. Just past the library on the right is a group of county annex buildings. There’s a DMV office there that never has a line longer than a few people! Amazing! I go there for everything. Just don’t tell anyone.

  6. society says:

    This is what I was looking for, glad I found it.

  7. I’ve given up going to the DMV. Where I live in NV I always use one of the “DMV Linebuster” services. They visit the DMV for me and take care of anything I need done. It’s really cheap at $20-$30 when you consider the cost of your time…

  8. Anonymous says:

    I dont think its a SECRET society, you can go to the DMV website and make a reservation in California. Not many people know about it (so its easy to get a reservation on the next day) even though if you just read whats there its in plain sight. ~Found it on my own~

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