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WordPress: Kills Spammers Dead

Last night, a spammer tried to post comments to a variety of posts, from a variety of IP numbers. The spammer also tried to obfuscate his text by using HTML encoded entities for some of the text in the links (which were to a variety of sites for online gambling or pharmecuticals). None of them ever showed up here. They were all auto-moderated by WordPress. I was able to delete all 64 of the attempted spams from my moderation queue with just a few mouse clicks.

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5 Responses to WordPress: Kills Spammers Dead

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  2. k says:

    that is awesome – i need something to keep anon users from commenting

  3. Saferd says:

    This spammers just KILLD blog of my friend, about 3000 comments per night!!!!!! He was shockt!!!!

  4. Phil Dufault says:

    WordPress’ Askimet plugin is pure spam-free bliss now, I love it.

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