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Job Interview

I just had a phone interview for a job position at a local university. The position is “Senior Applications Developer/Analyst”. I was a bit concerned that my experience with some of the technologies listed in the job description is limited. However, I have a lot of coding experience in a variety of different languages and platforms, and I can pick up new technologies very quickly.

They broke the interview into sections. The first few questions were oriented towards project management in general. How would I go about starting a project, what kind of documents would I use, what are the benefits of using a source control system, etc. The second part was technical questions. What are the methods used for HTML forms and what are the differences between them, what are sessions, and how would I implement them, what are indexes in a database. The technical questions were really pretty simple, and I feel like I answered them pretty well, giving examples of how I had used each technology in the past.

They told me that they would be giving callbacks later this week to the candidates chosen to move on to the next level of the interview process. I’m hoping to hear back. I don’t look forward to having to fight Atlanta traffic, but I think I would enjoy the work there. It sounds a lot like the kind of work I was doing in my previous job. Plus, working at a University would give me a better opportunity to finally finish up my bachelor’s degree.

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