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New My Yahoo Beta brings RSS to the masses

From Jeremy Zawodny’s blog:

Well, we just launched a beta of the next generation of My Yahoo that fits into that reality. Instead of “you can add anything you want, as long as it’s on the list of My Yahoo content” you can now add pretty much any public RSS or Atom feed. In other words, the content model is open.

Let me say that again, just for dramatic effect: the content model is open now.

RSS has slowly been edging into the mainstream for a while now. But with this new exposure, we can expect a veritable explosion of new awareness of RSS from the non-technorati. Creators of feed aggregator software and services should expect a fresh deluge of new users. Fortunately, most of the feed software/services out there are pretty mature now.

One note: for some reason, when I tried to add my feed to My Yahoo, it didn’t like the RSS 2.0 version. It would show me the headlines just fine, but then complained when I tried to perform the final add. But it liked the RSS 1.0 (RDF) version just fine.

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