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Monthly Archives: September 2004

Thunderbird 0.8

Everybody is all excited about the new Firefox 1.0 Release Candidate. In particular, the “Live Bookmarks” feature, which adds items from RSS feeds as special bookmarks. It uses RSS autodiscovery to add a convenient button in the statusbar, which allows you to easily subscribe to a page. Cool. But I think I’m more excited about the addition of RSS support in Thunderbird 0.8. I mainly use RSS as a way to stay abreast of new … Continue reading

Weight Goal

The scale read 262.5 pounds this morning, which is 9.5 pounds lighter than one week ago. Though, I tend to trust my “trend weight” calculation a little more. It’s currently at 265.22, which is still almost 7 pounds down. So far, I’d have to say that our new eating plan is doing pretty good. We haven’t had a chance to start the exercise plan yet. I’m hoping that we can get our treadmill moved from … Continue reading

Windows XP Service Pack 2

A couple of days ago, Windows Update finally notified me that it was ready to install Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. Yesterday I created a Restore Point on my compter, and this morning I told my computer to install the update. I’m glad I created that restore point. The Service Pack install failed partway through, with some error about a missing entry point in a DLL. I couldn’t get the computer to shut down … Continue reading


At the beginning of this year, I had resolved to lose some weight. My goal had been to lose one pound per week, though I really only managed about half of that, because I never started exercising as I had intended. By the beginning of May, I had lost right around 10 pounds. Then, in the shuffle of relocating to Georgia, I found myself unable to keep up with my weight loss program. In recent … Continue reading


Via Photomatt, I found a link to Embittered generals, which in turn led me to HTMLoverlays: […] The good news here is that you can do that for all your pages in your web site. They can all share the same overlay. All in all, you are going to reduce a lot your monthly bandwidth usage just because your docs will be smaller, because the overlay will be loaded only once by the browser, and … Continue reading