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Monthly Archives: September 2004

New My Yahoo Beta brings RSS to the masses

From Jeremy Zawodny’s blog: Well, we just launched a beta of the next generation of My Yahoo that fits into that reality. Instead of “you can add anything you want, as long as it’s on the list of My Yahoo content” you can now add pretty much any public RSS or Atom feed. In other words, the content model is open. Let me say that again, just for dramatic effect: the content model is open … Continue reading

Job Interview

I just had a phone interview for a job position at a local university. The position is “Senior Applications Developer/Analyst”. I was a bit concerned that my experience with some of the technologies listed in the job description is limited. However, I have a lot of coding experience in a variety of different languages and platforms, and I can pick up new technologies very quickly. They broke the interview into sections. The first few questions … Continue reading


I’ve recently started learning XSLT. The basics aren’t too hard, but as usual, I’ve been trying to move faster than I can absorb things. I had a particularly tricky transform I needed to do, but I couldn’t figure how how to accomplish it for a day or two.

Three Years

Happy Anniversary to my wife, Susan. It’s been a wonderful three years, and I look forward to all the years ahead.

Petals Around the Rose

I learned about this little puzzle thing called Petals Around the Rose yesterday (via BoingBoing). It’s sort of a dice game where you have to figure out how to solve the puzzle as you go, and once you know how, you can’t tell anybody else. It took me a while to figure it out, because I tried to over-analyze it. In fact, it’s almost an accident that I figured it out at all, considering the … Continue reading

Weight Goal

This morning’s scale weight was 261.0, and my trend weight is just a smidgen above that. We fell off of our eating plan a bit over the weekend. We hadn’t had time to cook much this week, we were getting tired of the leftovers, and we were just generally stressed. So, my weight fluctuated a bit. If you go by the trend calculation, I’m down about 4 pounds from last week, and 11 pounds overall … Continue reading

Back to reality

Talk Like a Pirate Weekend was fun, but now it’s time to get back to normal again. Mostly. Saturday, I was updating my test copy of WordPress from CVS, when I accidentally ran the update command from the wrong directory. I ran it from the top level of this web site. Suddenly, I realized that I had broken everything. I had two options: I could restore things back to WP 1.2, or I could just … Continue reading

Pirate filter fix

Michael Heilemann wrote: > Hey Dougal. > > I get the following error when I try to comment on my site with the > pirate plugin turned on: > > Database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual > […] > > I’m running 1.2. Any ideas? > > – Mike > Doh! I forgot to announce the fix for that! I discovered the problem on Friday, but I … Continue reading

Spammers are stupid

For the past three hours, a spammer has been attacking this site, attempting to post comment spam. Of course, none of the over 600 attempted comment spams have ever shown up. The attacks have come from a variety of different IP numbers (at least 8 different ones at a quick glance), so it appears that the perpetrator is using remotely controlled “zombie” machines. The comments have been a breeze to delete from my system (just … Continue reading