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New Job

Received in my email this morning:


Please find attached the formal offer. Sign a copy and bring it with you
on Dec 6th, but for now just indicate your acceptance via email and I’ll
start the paperwork rolling. Let me know if you have any questions.

I’ll be a Senior Software Engineer for a small-but-growing tech company that survived the dot-com bust. From what I know so far, my primary responsibility will be to refactor a largish web application written in perl. And, of course, “any other duties as deemed appropriate and necessary by management.”

Like most of my other employment in the past, the job lead came to me via my personal network. In this case, Eric Dodd, who I don’t really know very well, actually. We’re pretty sure that we probably met each other at some LUNA meetings several years ago. We think. But we do know that we both know Rod Montgomery. And Eric uses WordPress, and he’s a geek, so he’s my kind of people. And that whole job lead thing is a-okay in my book, so hurrah for Eric!

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