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Netcraft: SCO “own all your code”

Netcraft: SCO “own all your code”

SCO’s web site now proudly proclaims “We own all your code” and “pay us all your money”.

On the one hand, I definitely don’t endorse attacks like this. They only serve to hurt the image of ethical programmers who support open source projects.

But on the other hand, that is funny as hell.

If you don’t know what all the hubub is about, you can find lots of links about the SCO/Linux debacle in Slashdot’s SCO topic.

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One Response to Netcraft: SCO “own all your code”

  1. DOSasaur says:

    Actually, I see this type of non-destructive ‘hack’ as a good deed — a “wake up!” call to set MIS back off its complacent fundament and onto its collective heels for at least a minute or two.

    Would I own stock in a company which cannot secure the servers it runs, runs on it’s own supposed proprietary software? Nope … nuh uh … nwj That is a lesson that SCO should have learned some time ago, when it was still a business rather than a front for other marginal entities.

    So I’m late saying it. Cut me a break, I’m a few months behind with eWeek reading, even though they’re placed in the throne room. One must spend some time at the keyboard, not whiling away the hours seeing if one can remember to “check that URL on the napkin illustration — it might be real” (it was).

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