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SpamLookup plugin for MovableType

There’s a new plugin for MovableType called SpamLookup. Let’s compare this add-on to the anti-spam features already in the WordPress core:

Feature Comparison for MT SpamLookup Plugin vs. WordPress Core
Feature SpamLookup Plugin WordPress Core
IP-based lookup Yes No
Domain-based lookup Yes No
TrackBack IP check * Yes No
Passphrase checks Yes No
Checking HTTP Headers Yes No
Hyperlink Count limits Yes Yes
Dynamic proxy checking Yes Yes
Wordlists (blacklist/graylist) Yes Yes
Whitelist URL checks No Yes
Whitelist Author checks No Yes

* I have concerns about using this method for spam detection. There are many legitimate circumstances that will fail this test.

And of course, there are plugins for WordPress which fill in the gaps. I’d say that for MT users, this should be an excellent tool to add to your arsenal of anti-spam measures. WP users wishing to add more anti-spam features have plenty of options available.

Personally, I find that between the blacklist/graylist and the open proxy checks, WordPress catches most of the spam on its own. I’m using a couple of homegrown plugins, but don’t have so much to do with detecting spam, as with how to handle it once it’s been detected.

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