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eBay Storefronts?

Has anyone else noticed brick-and-mortar stores that offer auction services through eBay? There are two in my area that I’m aware of so far. One is TheTradingBay, in Marietta, which I pass each day on my way to work. The second is iSoldIt, which has a store in Woodstock. Basically, they operate sort of like a consignment shop which fronts your items through eBay.

“Clicks-to-Bricks” isn’t exactly a new idea. But for some reason, I find this particular venture facinating. I don’t know why, because I’ve only bought one item through eBay (I did have an habit many years ago, though). But it just caught my eye when I passed by TheTradingBay, and the sign said “eBay the easy way.” I had to wonder if this was just somebody leeching off of the eBay name, or if it was officially sanctioned (which it is).

eBay Trading Posts — Now Luddites can use eBay, too!

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