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Cooper MINI Fun

Recently, while Susan was driving the kids around, our daughter saw a convertible and commented that she’d like a car “with the lid down”. Susan told her, “save your money!” That’s our stock response to the kids whenever they request anything expensive. Anyhow, Susan has always thought that Mary would be really cute in a MINI (when she’s old enough to drive, of course). So we were joking around about that, and began to wonder just what the prices were like. So I hopped over to the MINIUSA web site and looked around a bit.

MINI Open User Agreement

MINI Open User Agreement

The prices weren’t unreasonable for the base model. And I started poking around, looking at the various options. When I went to look at the prices for the convertible models, I was presented with a popup window with an “Open User Agreement”. I stared, stupified for a moment. “What the? They can’t be serious, can they?” An EULA which requires you to keep your convertible’s top down 90% of the time?

I read further, and began to laugh. Here are some choice quotes:


MINI Owner recognizes the following conditions below are acceptable reasons, under agreement, for having the top in closed position: (please initial)

  1. When motoring in rain under 25 miles per hour.
  2. When motoring through a car wash and/or having car washed manually.
  3. When parked outside for an unexpected extended time period.
    (MINI USA doesn’t recommend any MINI, including MINI Cooper,
    MINI Cooper S, and MINI Convertible be parked for an extended time.)
  4. When temperature drops below freezing point (32°F/ 0°C).
  5. After hair plug surgery.
  6. When within earshot of an outdoor banjo and/or kazoo concert.
  7. When driving through biblical-size swarm of locusts.
  8. To avoid riotous teenaged groupies.


This open contract extends to third parties that operate MINI Owner’s Convertible while in the legal possession of MINI Owner. This includes but is not limited to: husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, step-sons, step-daughters, best friends, next door neighbors, tennis instructors, sugar-mommas, sugar-daddies, girlfriends, vengeful ex-girlfriends, tow-truck operators, valets, and/or joy riders. MINI Owner accepts full responsibility and recognizes that any non-open motoring by anyone in his/her vehicle (vin # above) is a violation of this contract.


There’s more, but you really should read the whole thing for yourself.
For added fun, visit the site and attempt to decline the agreement. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, try out the “Build your own / Robot” option.

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