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Monthly Archives: June 2005

Yahoo! acquires

A while back, I noted that was up for sale. More recently, there was a notice that a buyer had been found, but the identity of the buyer remained secret for a while. Now we know who it was. I’d say that the service is in good hands.

FeedLounge 1.0a2

The FeedLounge team updated the server with some new code today. They’ve fixed several bugs, and added some new features. I found some bugs in the new version, but it looks like they will be fixing them up pretty soon. With those items fixed, it shouldn’t be much longer before it can graduate up to ‘beta’ status (IMHO).


Sun Microsystems has finally released the source code for their Solaris operating system over at They had previously made the binary version of the OS available to developers for free, but the availability of the source code is a new step. I haven’t used Solaris, myself, but I know that there are a lot of supporters (and detractors) out there. They are using a license called CDDL, which is a spinoff of the MPL. … Continue reading

Feedlounge web-based aggregator

Alex King and Scott Sanders have announced FeedLounge, a “state of the art web-based feed reader.” Alex invited me to be an alpha tester, so I spent some time kicking it around yesterday. Color me impressed. FeedLounge interface screenshot Keeping in mind that this is alpha software, I’ll grant you that I found a couple of suggestions to make. However, to echo the sentiments of Geoff, FeedLounge often feels much more like a desktop application … Continue reading

Alternate style for WordPress backend

Steve Smith over at Ordered List has hacked together a customized stylesheet for the WordPress administrative interface. Based on the screenshot thumbnails, it looks pretty nice. I plan to download it tomorrow and check it out more closely!

Zend Core for IBM

Cool, IBM and Zend have announced Zend Core for IBM. Basically, it’s an officially supported version of PHP with tight integration into IBM’s DB2 and Cloudscape database servers, and some web services stuff. This is probably going to grab some new eyeballs for PHP from some IBM-based businesses who have probably never heard of it before. If I was still working at my previous employer back in Alabama, I would be all over this. They … Continue reading

Dvorak stirs the pot

John Dvorak seems to thrive on controversy (much like the rest of journalism). His latest claim is that while Apple’s switch to Intel processors could threaten Microsoft, it also “could actually be most dangerous to the emerging Linux OS environment.” Linux has other problems too. It’s likely that developer interest will wane when Apple is fully engaged on the X86 platform. While Apple ran on the PowerPC chip the amount of developer effort in the … Continue reading

Intel Macintosh rumors true!

I hadn’t been keeping too close an eye on this, because we’ve got higher priorities right now than buying new computers. But there have been rumors lately about some sort of deal between Apple and Intel. The speculations mainly fell into two camps: 1) Apple would release a new Pentium-based Macintosh computer, or 2) Intel would begin producing a new PowerPC compatible CPU. Steve Jobs just dropped the bomb: Apple to Use Intel Microprocessors Beginning … Continue reading


I’m a redneck. Not because I was born in Alabama and spent most of my life there. And not because I now live in Georgia. And definitely not in the sense of chawin’ tobaccy and watching NASCAR. I’m a redneck because I spent most of hottest portion of Sunday out in the hot sun. I finally got around to starting a project of refinishing some old dressers for our kids — a project that Susan … Continue reading


Tantek Çelik has a whole gaggle of microformat links over on his site: hCard Creator hCalendar Creator hReview Creator hFolk 0.4 Basically, microformats are just organically grown rules to add application-specific semantics to existing XHTML documents. This is mostly accomplished by adding class attributes to your existing markup, and occassionally by adding additional markup (span & div) to indicate a hierarchical data structure. This description leaves a lot to be desired, but an example is … Continue reading