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Photo Galleries

A while back, I asked for recommendations for photo gallery software. I still haven’t picked one (I’ve been using Flickr in the meantime), but I’ve been keeping my eye on Plogger as a strong contender. But today I ran across another good one: zenphoto. Both projects are working on WordPress integration, so I can’t wait to see where these projects go.

Sample default setups: Plogger, zenphoto

I heard about zenphoto via: Broken Kode

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17 Responses to Photo Galleries

  1. Seth says: seems to be a great overlooked alternative. I use it at

  2. Martin says:

    I have been using MG2 ( for quite some time now. It isn’t integrated ( into WordPress yet, however, it’s very easy to set up and use thou.

    I agree that the Zenphoto could be a realy great alternative if the integration works, for now I’m waiting it out.

  3. marc says:

    Maybe something worth mentioning is that I’m working on a templateable gallery plugin for WP that uses your Flickr photos on your website. While it’s not released yet, it should be in the next week or so. To see it “in the wild,” check out my photo gallery page.

  4. ojibraids says:

    Have you ever heard of PixelPost? I stumbled across it back in May this year and have been using it ever since to feature some of my favourite pics. Have never had any troubles with it. Very customizable… Here’s the link…

  5. Anonymous says:

    So, WPG2 and Gallery 2 is out of the loop?

  6. Niklas says:

    Today I heard about SPG, Simple PHP Gallery, with WordPress-functionality attachable! Very interesting:

  7. Xavier says:

    I’ve been using WordPress and choose iPAP for photo albums; they’re not really integrated, but iPAP has templates, so it was a matter of minutes to make it look like my blog.

    iPAP It’s simple, fast and beautiful. It is in early stages (beta), but is very stable (I haven’t had a single problem with my photos). You should consider.

  8. Tom says: is excellent, just upload your photos and voila! It’s very easy to hack, even into a wordpress template.

  9. moloko says:

    I just starting to use zen photo too. New beta came out yesterday and look forward trying that out. Its very easy to use but always have my eyes open to new and exciting scripts.

  10. Ross Easton says:

    Hey Dougal, I’ve ran another WordPress install on a different folder on my site to create a photo blog. Perhaps not exactly what you’re after but… might be? You can see it in use on – just click on “photos”

  11. Ronnie says:

    for my website i just use Express Thumbnail Creator, then upload that to my server and point to it within wordpress. Not as nifty, but it works 😀

  12. Sunil Kumar Jha says:

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  13. Ben says:

    I stumbled across ZenPhoto a while back too, and was quite impressed. I’m holding off properly implementing it until the next version of Photostack is released (hopefully fairly immenintly) as it promises great things…

  14. Alex says:

    i personally use “coppermine” and feel more than satisfied with administering und features.
    If u r looking for a databased fotoalbum, please check it out. It’s available at Sourceforge.

  15. Greg says:

    If you want something spicey, check out –

    I use on my site –

  16. marc says:

    Ok… I know it’s a little later than when I said I would release it, but F Gallery has finally been released.

    Read more about it.
    See it in action.

  17. Dougal says:


    F-Gallery looks like it will be an excellent option for WordPress users who want to integrate their Flickr photos into their site.

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