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We’ve been talking for a while about getting a dog. We had been leaning towards a golden retriever, but now we’re looking into maybe getting a border collie, due to their smaller size, and because they’re just darned cool. We know that, generally speaking, border collies tend to be very active. But we’re hoping to locate one that has a more laid back personality.

We figure that the pet that best matches us would be an indoor dog. But he (or she?) will be able to get daily exercise, because we’re sure that our oldest daughter would love to take him outside after school for walks or for chasing frisbees and such. Plus, Susan and I will want to take him for walks, because we could use the exercise ourselves.

We’ve been checking with local animal shelters and rescue groups (via PetFinder, PetsUnlimited, etc), but every time we find one that we think might be a good match, we find out that he’s already been adopted. And we’re also a little put-off by the paperwork and fees that these places are asking for. Some of the rescue groups have adoption fees that are higher than purchasing an AKC registered puppy from an independent breeder. And as Susan said the other day, we didn’t fill out that much paperwork when we brought our baby home from the hospital! When we were growing up, “pet adoption” meant that when a stray showed up in your yard, you fed it. There were no questionnaires, adoption fees, or home inspections — if he stuck around, he was yours.

So. If anyone has any leads on a border collie (can be a mixed breed) in the Atlanta area that needs a good home and matches what I’ve described above, get in touch! We’d prefer a dog that’s probably 2-5 years old, not a puppy. He will also need to be good with children. In fact, one of the reasons we want to get a dog is for our son, Jamie. He has had pet therapy before, and reacted very well to it. He loves animals, and the ones he’s met love him, too.

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