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Helping Hurricane Victims

Do you wish that you could help a victim of Katrina or Rita? Do you have items that you think they need, but you aren’t sure where to send them? If you knew what somebody needed, would you like to be able to get it directly to them?

The Been There Clearing House is “an informal clearinghouse in which individuals offering in-kind donations and individuals in need can connect.” You can read the stories of those affected by the recent storms, donate or request goods, or adopt a family.

These stories are starting to get less media coverage now (except for some of the finger-pointing), but there are still many, many people who need help. Please spread the word about the clearinghouse. And be sure to visit the site and see if there’s something you can send to someone in need.

When Emily (one of the clearinghouse founders) contacted me about converting their site to WordPress, I really wanted to help, but I wasn’t sure how. I forwarded her request to the wordpress-hackers mailing list, and she quickly had a couple of volunteers helping with the move. I’ve been able to help with a couple of minor details since then. It’s good to know that the WordPress community has a part in getting help to people who need it.

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