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Some of you might have noticed that my site had some downtime over the weekend, and into Monday night. I had upgraded MySQL from version 3.23.x to version 5.0 last week. Everything seemed fine at the time, but when the server ran some maintenance tasks on Saturday night, it turned up some mismatched library versions between PHP and MySQL. And of course, I didn’t know about it until Monday, because an emergency came up that took me out of town all day on Sunday.

So, I finally found time on Monday evening to try to resolve a cascading chain of library dependencies, recompiling just about everything on the server that is related to Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Of course, in the process, a few other things broke for some reason (mainly GD and ImageMagick).

Things seem to be working okay again, as far as I can tell. But if you notice any major errors, let me know.

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