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Oof. I am having some sort of problem with my server. I was going to make a post on Monday, but something in my PHP and/or MySQL setup has changed in an odd way. (remember I reinstalled/upgraded pretty much everything on the system that is involved with serving web pages a couple of weeks ago)

If I try to post content that contains a single-quote character, I get a database error due to invalid syntax. The WordPress database driver is supposed to auto-escape the content to prevent this, but something seems to be causing that to fail. On the other hand, if I add code to escape the content just before it is saved into the table, then it winds up being double-escaped.

I’m running PHP 4.4.2, and MySQL 5.0.18. PHP reports that magic_quotes_gpc is on, and magic_quotes_runtime is off. I’ve tested on a clean install of WordPress with no plugins activated, and it exhibits the same behavior. Does anybody out there have any ideas on why this is happening?

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