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Falling Snow

Snow falling last Monday

I originally wrote this up on Monday the 13th, but didn’t get to post it until now because I wound up tracking down a WordPress bug.

Just about everyone knows about the blizzard up in the northeast last week. But we were down at the southern end of the weather system, where the snowfall was light, and welcomed as a rare treat by most folks. It began snowing on Saturday night while we were out to dinner. It was only light, dry snow, however, so we didn’t have any real accumulation. There was just enough on Sunday morning for the kids to scoop up a few snowballs off of the back deck. By early afternoon, it had pretty much all melted away, though we continued to see light flurries all day long.

We actually had some heavier snow a week ago — big sticky clumps of slowflakes. I wish we had gotten more of that. But that snow didn’t last very long, only about an hour or so. But at least I got some pictures of it while it lasted.

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