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Monthly Archives: May 2006

A Software Development Analogy

Alice takes her car to a repair shop on Monday. She walks inside and talks to Bob, the customer service representative behind the counter. “My car seems to work pretty well, but occassionally it makes an odd noise. When can you have it fixed, and how much will it cost?” Bob smiles and replies, “we can have your car ready by noon on Friday, and it will cost $200.” Alice says that this is acceptable, … Continue reading

The prodigal son returns

On Friday afternoon, I called home as I was leaving the office, as usual. Before I had a chance to say much more than “hello,” Susan said, “guess what?” Not knowing whether it was something good or bad, I asked, “what?” She replied, “the prodigal son has returned.” A neighbor down the street from us had found our dog! This nice young lady had first spotted Spirit wandering around on Thursday, and thought that he … Continue reading

Not a good day

Today, so far, has not been a good day. Maybe it was an omen when our dog ran away this morning… I opened our front door to let him go out for his “morning consititutional”, but he spotted a rabbit in the yard across the street, and he bolted after it. I chased after him, and came close to getting him to come back, but then he ran off again. We haven’t seen him since. … Continue reading