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Not a good day

Today, so far, has not been a good day.

Maybe it was an omen when our dog ran away this morning… I opened our front door to let him go out for his “morning consititutional”, but he spotted a rabbit in the yard across the street, and he bolted after it. I chased after him, and came close to getting him to come back, but then he ran off again. We haven’t seen him since. All we can do right now is hope that he either gets hungry and finds his way back home, or that someone friendly will call the phone number on his collar and dog tags.

At work, we were preparing to preview a new web design and process flow for a big customer of ours. I’ve been working on this project for several weeks, including some weekends and evenings. The whole thing has been plagued from the beginning with vague/incomplete project specifications and on-the-fly last-minute changes. But we had managed to get the major features implemented as desired to the point that we were going to dog-and-pony the new site this morning, to be followed by production deployment. Unfortunately, a miscommunication about the timeline for a critical piece of the deployment has caused a snafu in their current production site, which we are still trying to repair.

Bad things often seem to happen in threes. So I’m now wondering what the third bad thing will be.

Is it Friday yet?

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