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The prodigal son returns

On Friday afternoon, I called home as I was leaving the office, as usual. Before I had a chance to say much more than “hello,” Susan said, “guess what?” Not knowing whether it was something good or bad, I asked, “what?” She replied, “the prodigal son has returned.”

A neighbor down the street from us had found our dog! This nice young lady had first spotted Spirit wandering around on Thursday, and thought that he didn’t look like he should be wandering around on his own. Friday afternoon, she spotted him again, and called to him. When he came to her, she got hold of his collar and called the phone number on it. Susan met her halfway and retrieved our wayward pooch. This young lady doesn’t know it yet, but we’re going to be giving her a gift certificate in thanks.

We helped the kids bathe him later that night, and he seems happy to be home. Of course he’s lost his winging-it privileges — no more trips outdoors without a leash!

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