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A Friendly Game of Hockey

This past Wednesday, I got to go see the Thrashers play the Bruins, courtesy of a visit from Geof Morris (thanks for the ticket, Geof!). Geof and I have known each other via the net for quite a while, and we have some friends in common from back when I used to live in Huntsville. But I’m pretty sure that this was the first time we had met in person. So, I finally got to check the ‘met’ box in my link to his site (well, one of his sites).

Geof was rooting for the Bruins, but surprisingly enough, the Thrashers won the game 4-1. But he wasn’t too terribly upset, because, after all, at least we were watching live hockey. That’s always good, no matter who wins. 🙂

Geof’s visit was hit-and-run — he arrived in town, waited patiently for me to finish up some stuff at my office, we went to the game, then he headed back towards Huntsville. It was fun, Geof. Maybe next time we get together, we’ll have more time to socialize.

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