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16 Responses to WordPress 2.0.5 RC1

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  8. zooplah says:

    All I can say is that this is awesome. Two questions, though. First, wasn’t 2.1 (which is still in alpha) supposed to be the next release? I remember reading that there was never going to be a 2.0.5.

    The second is if this is a release candidate, a contingent release (unless it’s misnamed), why isn’t there a tar or zip for downloading? The fact that it’s only available via SVN seems to indicate it’s not that ready.

    Regardless, I’ll probably be trying it out soon. I need to update my blog to conform to some of Lorelle’s advice anyway, so having an improved blog with a new wp version simultaneously would be cool.

  9. Mark Jaquith says:


    We were hoping that 2.1 would be the next release (and it will be the next MAJOR release), but we can’t predict which issues will crop up that might necessitate a bugfix release. Here’s the zip download for 2.0.5-RC1. Dougal just blogged this in between the SVN version bump and the zip file announcement. We were doing some private testing of the zip file just to make sure it was good to release to the testers.

  10. DBL says:

    I came across this from my Dashboard, but don’t see what it will change/fix/add ????

  11. USA-news says:

    Really good news, hope to see some bugfixes.

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  14. Ray says:

    How about fixing the bug in uploading images whereby only thumbnail size is displayed unless the code is altered – delete ‘height’

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