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Syndactyly (Webbed Toes/Fingers) Forums

A few years ago, I made a post that mentioned in passing that I have webbed toes. About a month later, my logs started showing up a fair number of referals from search engines from people looking for info about webbed toes. So I promised that I’d try to put up a picture. A couple of days later, I posted said picture.

Since that time, those three posts have collected over 900 comments between them. It turns out that there are are lots of people (depending on how you define ‘lots’) who have syndactyly (webbed toes or fingers), but there isn’t a whole lot of information about it on the internet that’s easy to find. Some people are just surprised to find out there are others like themselves with webbed toes. Others are embarrassed by their toes and seek information on cosmetic surgery to correct the condition.

In any case, comments on blog posts aren’t the best venue for detailed discussion. With the recent announcement of the first official release of bbPress, I’ve finally set up some forums for more organized discussions. So, if you want to discuss any issues related to webbed toes (or fingers), visit the new Syndactyly Forums.

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40 Responses to Syndactyly (Webbed Toes/Fingers) Forums

  1. Worried mom.. says:

    my son was born with webbing of the first three toes, starting with the big toe on EACH foot and the middle and ring finger on EACH hand. On his LEFT hand the fingers were fused at the bone, nerves and tendons. Since birth he has developed many other health concerns, crossed eyes (2 surgeries on that) bilateral tubes for constant ear infections, tight heel cords, developmentally delayed with learning disabilities. A cyst was found on the right side of his brain and hes being tested for mitochrondrial disease. I have been researching for years trying to find someone who can help me figure out whats going on with him. If you have ANY info I would grately appreciate it….Thanks….worried MOM

  2. Joe says:

    Hi i have webbed toes, 2 and 3rd up to just after the knuckle on both feet. im of english, irish, german and algerian descent, but i dont know if that has any effect. I have never experienced any problems with balance and am in most of my school teams, and captain of rugby, football, cricket and basketball so i dont think it effects my sporting performance. However, if anyone has a young child with this condition i recommend you have them separated while they are still young. I experienced continous bullying throughout my school life between the age of about 9, until it began to subside aged about 14. I am now 15 and although the bullying is a lot less, my confidence is more or less non existent and i feel subconcious when on holiday. PLease, if your child has webbed toes, have the operation while they are young because no one should have to go through the constant trauma that i did, where you are afraid to get up every morning because you know what the day holds. I was genuinly thinking of suicide at one point, where everything was just getting to much. I am a stronger person for what i have been through but nobody wants to be ridiculed, accused of incest and have people chase you with scissors, offering to do the operation for you.

  3. mike falk says:

    I also have webbed toes And i pierced them if you want pics let me know.I also have pics on myspace just search my name and you’ll see. take it easy mike

  4. Ellen says:

    I have webbed toes. I’m a mutant. I thought I was the only one; my parents said that they found me under a rock. I believed them, but now I know better. My sister has webbed toes but not as pronounced as mine.

  5. Lola says:

    My daughter was born with webbed toes on both feet (2nd & 3rd toes- like most it seems). I have no idea where she got this from, but I have always felt like she needs to have them fixed. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but girls get their toes done and wear opened toed shoes all the time. I just don’t want her to ever be teased over something that can so easily be corrected. It seems from the first post on here that I should definitely have it done, but I’ve also read so many others that say it’s no big deal. I have kind of figured that I’ll just wait and ask her when she’s around 6, but I just hope her decision won’t be made from her already being teased all the time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I had webbed toes and I had ALWAYS been self conscious about them. I never wore flip flops or cute sandals, when I was at the beach I buried my toes in the sand. I hid my condition so well that NO ONE knew except my childhood best friend and later my boyfriend (I told him after one year because I was just so embarrassed) I felt like I was always hiding and I could never wear cute clothes or I was always paranoid that someone may make me take off my shoes and show my feet. I was miserable. I always begged my parents to allow me to have them fixed but they insisted I would grow out of my self consciousness and that it was no big deal. It only took me about 20 years to convince them that this wasnt something I was going to grow out and I got my toes repaired my sophomore year of college. It was VERY expensive and painful and I had to take time off from school and no one thought it was worth it because the money and pain..although I think it was the BEST thing I have ever done!!! I love wearing flip flops and showing off my feet. Although I do have scars I dont mind because everyone has scars and that was normal to me. It has been about a year and a half since I have had it done and I am still sooo happy!! However, I am becoming a little alarmed because I have noticed that my condition is slowly returning…the skin has grown back slightly…not enough to make a HUGE deal about but they are not quite as separated as before. As long as they dont grow anymore, I am still very satisfied with my results. I recommend this surgery strongly…it has changed my life!!!:)

  7. Ann says:

    I am almost 50 yrs. old and this has been a major part of my life – living with twin toes. It has affected my life dramatically and continues to do so. The second and third toes of both feet are webbed, as are my one brothers’. We seem to have inherited it from our paternal grandmother. I can only hope and pray I don’t pass it on to my grandchildren. As a child I was teased and taunted mercilessly by my friends and the neighborhood kids. I hated my feet, and still do. I never was “normal” like the other kids. I was a very good swimmer, so of course, they attributed it to my webbed feet. I still hide my feet to this day, and never wear open toed shoes or sandals, as much as I’d love to. People stare, and I get stupid comments about my “weird” feet. So I stopped that a long time ago. I realize I shouldn’t let it bother me, but ever since I was a kid, it cuts to the core. I’m very glad to have found this site so I can vent. My family doctor, who happens to be my husband’s best friend, says I shouldn’t bother with the surgery, but I disagree. I’m seriously considering it, only to try to get my focus off my feet every summer. I think I want it for my own sanity. Thanks for the site!!

  8. Judy says:


    My maid of honor has syndactyly and we are have a hard time trying to find a comfortable shoe for her for the wedding. She had this same problem many years ago for prom BUT we were hoping now with the internet we could find something online but we are having little success. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  9. Jay says:

    My music student said that she to have webbed toes and I didn’t quite understand until now, Thanks for the Post!

  10. LeeAnne says:

    I am a twin with webbed toes. Actually both my sister and I have webbed toes. I have to say that when I was younger I hid my toes all the time. My sister however would show anyone. It bothered me until I got past high school. You know to tell the truth I wear sandals and open toe shoes and a lot of people hardly notice until I point it out or they stare at them. I don’t see why its worth the surgery. I was never teased about it and you know it seems everyone has something they hate about themselves in their adolescent years. Just the same I think it is better to embrace it.

  11. Barefootguy says:

    Hi Everyone

    I have posted a comment, but seems like it didnt send or something. I am a 22 year old guy with 2nd and 3rd toes webbed almost to the top on both feet. I often go barefoot, and mostly get positive remarks whenevr I do. Cant think why people would want to have them fixed? Ok, can think about you worried about being teased or made fun of or for whatever reason. But why want to be like everyone else? We are unique, we were made this way, meant to be. Why do we need seperate toes? Be yourself, and be proud of who you am, no matter about what others think or say. God made us this way, and besides it’s no big deal. There are others with way more serious deformaties. I would love to see yours Mike (post 3). Can you email me pics? Cant seem to fiond your myspace page. I also have a yahoo group. Join and talk to others and share photos.

  12. Ruthie says:

    Hello everyone, I also have a set of webbed toes. On my right left foot, my big toe and the one next to it are stuck together. As a child, I never went barefoot. I was too embarassed. Today I am 50 years old and still embarassed. Why? Because the few times that I have shown them, people freaked out. I didn’t even tell my husband. My sister told her husband and he told my husband. One day he came home and wrestled my shoe off my foot and just stared at it. I cried and cried. I was so embarassed. He never brought it up again. I have never seen anyone else with toes like mine. I look at people’s feet all the time. I wear sandals every once in a while, but it is very uncomfortable. I feel that everyone is looking at my feet. The most teasing I got was from my siblings because they were mainly the only ones that knew. Once my sister got mad at me and told a bunch of my friends and I ran away crying and hurt. I wanted to have the surgery and a Podiatrist said it was a fairly simple surgery, as long as she could get around the nerves. I still may have it done. I would love to go for a pedicure! I have never had one because of my toes!

  13. Anonymous says:

    For those of you worried mothers, if its a daughter that you have with webbed feet, I suggest the surgery. Nothing is worse than going through your teenage years being even MORE self- conscious about yourself than you need to be. If you have a boy, it really wont be a big deal. Boys can handle it better usually, and find it “cool” and “unique.”

    The most devastating part of my childhood was realizing at the age of 7 that something was different. And what a horrid feeling it is to be so self aware before you hardly know your addition math. I am now 19 and take every percussion to hide my feet or to wear socks. Thank God for closed toe heels and flat shoes to keep me safe. I cant help but feel this way. I want the surgery so bad, but as someone mentioned above, my parents too tell me that I will grow out of this phase. Highly unlikely since it has destroyed my life. Oh well. I am forced to wait until I am on my own and able to make the decision for myself. Great to know I am not alone!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I too was born with this deformity. My webbed toes are on my right foot- on the second and third toe. Once I was old enough to realize that I had different toes from everyone else I began to hide them. I hated when we had to do swimming in gym class, oh the efforts I would go to to hide my toes! I would literally stand with my toes curled under as I waited to get into the water! No one ever saw them because I went to great lengths to hide them- I was too scared that if someone saw them they would tell everyone and I’d be the reject of school. So I finally had the surgery and all was pretty good, except my toes healed still looking somewhat webbed! So now I am obsessed with bandaids that help seperate them. I would recommend the surgery to those who want to wear sandals, but know that the scars and how your toes heal will probably still make you self conscience.

  15. Barefootguy says:

    To “Worried Mom” (Post 1)

    I wont be to worried about my sons feet and hands if I were you. Like you said he has other problems as well. Rather focus on that, and get him a healthy life. Fot the webbed toes, that would have no effect on him walking, for the hands, would be able to use them as normal. But if you want it fixed, get the fingers fixed, one use them more seperate then toes. A hint is to let him go barefoot most of the time in childhood, get him used to go barefoot, promise you that builds confidence. He will grow up and be used to not hiding his feet. Leave them for himself to decide when older. My parents left my toes, went barefoot often, and i got no reason to hide my toes. I was born like that, it makes me unique. Why do we need seperate toes, or hide them if their webbed, just because most poeple have seperate toes? Be proud of who you are people, there’s other people who are born with only 4 toes or less, what can they do about that? Dont hide them, you will realize most people dont even notice. There are more who has webbed toes than you think! Dont go in shambles cause of one person making a stupid remark.

    I started a Yahoo Group for those with different feet. There are over a thousand members and info. Join and talk to others and most share their photos. There’s loads of photos, and if they were hiding them, there wouldn’t be photos. So that show how many except their toes!!

  16. Ann says:

    What I REALLY want to know is – is this hereditary or not????? My grandmother had it, but not my dad. I have it, but not my kids. I hope & pray my soon-to-be-born grandbaby doesn’t have it!!!!

  17. Dougal says:

    @Ann: From what I’ve read, it is hereditary, but not dominant. It often seems to skip generations, sometimes several. Neither my parents nor any of my grandparents expressed the trait. The general stat I’ve seen is that there is about a 1 in 10,000 chance that a child will be born with syndactyly. But I don’t know what the chances are when you already know that the gene is in the bloodline.

  18. Anonymous says:

    my second and third toes are webbed on both feet, i am 24 (male) and have never had any problems whatsoever! they do not affect me in any way and i would not have them cut, if anything i think it is an advantage! i have never been bullied about them, if anything it’s a party trick!

    the one and only fault with them is if walking barefoot in grass they have a tendency to cut and catch flowers!! more amusing than annoying…

  19. M says:

    Hey ppl what’s shakkin! I was also born with webbed toes on my 2nd and 3rd toes (left side higher then right) and it absolutely, I mean totallllly drove me crazy!!!! I was so ashamed by them that I never showed a soul. How managed to pull it off through high school I will never know. Just walking around and the feeling of knowing they are stuck together just bothered the hell out of me. Maybe because my right toes were less joined together my brain didn’t fully register the left side as ever being normal. Even as a little child my mother remembers me complaining about my toes well before I ever knew I was any different. Having spoke to others with twin toes I realize I’m not the only one who could feel them together in between. I’m told this because they weren’t meant to be stuck together like that and had they been meant* to be this way we wouldn’t have been born with nerves that run down along the sides of each toe. This and the independent muscles between is what I was feeling and I never liked it. I always felt like they were screaming to be released! Talk about a trip! So needless to say I decided to have surgery once my girlfriend of a couple years got all bent out of shape for not telling her. She was more embarrassed then me! hahaha Not cool you know! so yea I went to countless doctors and got nothing but rejection atleast ten different visits and let me tell you, just going in is embarrassing and taxing on you. It sucks when you don’t like something so much you just want to cut it yourself. Trust me I tried to some success. Anyways the plastic surgeon I found (the first plastic surgeon I saw btw) acted like “No Big Deal” and I was in surgery two days later. It only cost a couple grand and it was the best money ever spent!!! I always loved bodybuilding but knew there was no way in hell I was getting up in front of hundreds with webbed toes and try to act cool. hahaha!! Not exactly macho.. So to maintain my anonymity let me just say I won two state shows in my weight class and overall as well as 1st in my weight class and in the top 3 overall in the USA. That’s all I’m sayin.. So yea, it opened up doors for me and you honestly cannot tell I had webbed toes. Very very faint scarring!! It’s so worth it if you are ashamed. It’s not worth it having to feel inferior throughout your younger years and miss fun pool parties. I just hope the parents without webbed toes take this into consideration.. Although as contradictory as this may sound, I often wish I never had surgery because I liked myself the way I was but ashamed to be myself as a result of webbed toes.. Kids are often not mature enough to realize they are just* toes and many normal toes persay are often way waY nastier then a couple toes stuck together.. Why they call them webbed toes I will never know, there is zero webbing like a duck or frog, they just never split in the embryo. So if you think about it everyone at one time or other had twin toes, they just got lucky.. I’m sure some of you with webbed toes feel lucky and that’s rad, it just wasn’t for me.. Hey on other people it’s cool as hell and even totally cute on girls, just not me and definitely not macho at all.. lmao Anyways just my two cents

  20. M says:

    BTW to those of you who had surgery also, the people who’s toes kinda grew back, did you have skin grafts?? I ask because I never experienced this. Granite I had several corrective surgeries to make it just right I did not experience this phenomena. However, after the first surgery my toes did heal and exhibit a real web between my toes due to the way the doctor did the surgery. That pissed me off and she wouldn’t correct it but I knew there was no way in hell this was right so I sought out a famous plastic surgeon who pointed it out immediately without question and I said ” Thank you, I knew this couldn’t be right”.. In fact the first surgeon got all butt hurt and offended that I didn’t feel her work was up to par even though I had nothing negative say and was more than polite. So anyways the other surgeon removed the webbing between and all was fantastic till I fell on my crutches tryin to get some pain pills and I ripped it open causing the 3rd surgery. So yea, I was not cool with going from toes stuck together tight minus a crease at the top separating the two nails to a freakin platypus! hahahaha So not cool man.. I mean I was better off with twin toes and zero scarring then toes that appeared to be separated! I feel for you guys n gals who experienced this as well. Basically from the top the toes looked normal but God forbid you get a foot rub or spread your toes you involuntarily quack! Well in my case a ribbit came out but still ya know?!? I remember this girl I was dating who I confessed my ultimate secret to used to love my feet for some odd reason and loved to squeeze that damn web in the middle! So not right! lmao Finally I just said screw it and had that hideous thing removed like it should have been done. It just pisses me off that these doctors act like we should accept their half ass work and expect to be gracious for being transformed into a reptile. Whatever… All I can say is I’m still nicknamed Gator and it’s not because of my pretty chompers.. No biggie, gators are kewl.. I just totally gave up my anonymity cuz I know those freak friends of mine and silly girlfriends are readin this.. lmao whatever… Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I’m serious, if you want surgery be hella sure they know you aren’t cool with webbing.. When I went in for surgery I went in with the idea and preconception that I was comin out with normal toes in EVERY WAY minus a couple scars.. Now think real hard about this, if you had a schnoz like an ant eater and you went in for a schnoz job would you be content with a mini trunk or beak??? I think not!!! So get with it you crazy surgeons and just imagine these were your toes or your childs toes you were workin on.. Jesus Christ!! lmao Anyways I think you get the point.. Just cuz they are toes doesn’t mean you should half ass the job ok.. You should try your absolute best at every surgery ESPECIALLY COSMETIC SURGERIES you partake in… Unbelievable! hahahaha No but really if you have pics post surgery I’d like to see to compare and maybe post pics for people and parents interested in the option.. Contact me at later

  21. M says:

    Oh yea, I am also told if you choose corrective surgery and go with a podiatrist/podiatric surgeon versus a plastic surgeon who deals in micro/hand surgery then it is HIGHLY LIKELY your toes will grow back together. How many of you who’s toes grew back together went to a plastic surgeon or podiatrist? I’d go ask for my money back if that happened. I’m serious, that’s like someone having their radar ears pinned back and then drivin down the road and rollin a window down and WHOOOOOSH they catch a wind and get sucked out the window like a parachute!! Hey it could happen!! Hahahaha So yea, go get your money back even if you’re kinda ok with it.. It’s just principle.. Anyways not to diss ppl with big ears, gotta love those free radio stations.. lmao jk of course… Omg how funny.. later gator

  22. Kelly says:

    Wow, a meeting for digital mutants! Pleasure to meet you all. We should do that Vulcan salute with the fingers stuck together. I was born with three toes fused on my right foot. The big toe fully joined via skin, the 2nd and 3rd via skin and bone. I was always self conscious of it but also kind of proud of it. Made me feel special. I heard a million times “bet you swim well,” and I answered a million times “yeah but only in a circle.” My middle and ring finger on my right hand were also skin-fused to the middle knuckle. When I was 16 my mom consulted with some surgeon who salivated over the possibility of “fixing” my hand and foot. Of course my mom wanted my “defect corrected.” Being 16, I was too stupid to really object. I wish I had. The end result is I can wear gloves better (except I live in Hawaii). The doc only separated my big toe because he thought it too difficult to fool with the fused bone (I think I would have lost a 1/2 a digit to separate the 2nd and 3rd toes). So now I can wear slippers (what you mainland folks call flip-flops). Given that slippers are a shoewear staple in this place, that is not a small thing. People still gawk at my toes. I have a big scar between my separated toes and a big scar on my leg from the skin graft for my toes (very sloppy work!). It took me years to wear slippers because the sense of any thing placed between my formerly-fused toes would freak me out! I still squirm when I put on my slippers. Very strange sensation to have feeling where no feeling should exist. My recommendation is the same as the other “embracers” — learn to love that thing that makes us special. I like to think my syndactyly is an outward indication of some other greater, more profound mutation. And I like to swim in fast circles 🙂

  23. S Keene says:

    I wear my webbed toes with great pride! Some of us in my family carry a gene for Autosomal dominant Syndactyly, 2nd & 3rd toes on each foot webbed halfway up. My grandmother called them Arrington toes. Great Grandpa Arrington, by grandma, dad, myself and now my son – all proudly webbed footed! Anybody have any Arrington’s in their family?

  24. Marie says:

    I am 17 years old and i also have webbed toes on my second and third toe. It has always bothered me being a girl. I would never dream of wearing open toe shows or getting a pedicure. At sleepovers i always leave my socks on, even when everyone else is barefoot. I never go to the pool with friends because i dont want anyone to know about my feet. Finally i talked to my parents and i am having the surgery on September 25th, they will take a skin graft from my ankle and i will be in a surgical boot for two weeks with crutches. Has anyone had this surgery? And how much pain was there? Im kinda nervous =[

  25. Anonymous says:

    Im 18 years old and my 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed on both feet. I hate them. I’ve never told
    any of my friends, and the only people who know are close family. I got on this site because
    just a few minutes ago I asked my parents, yet again, if I could have corrective surgery to
    get them fixed, and they both just kind of shrugged it off, saying that I would eventually get
    over my insecurities. I seriously doubt that. They just dont understand how I feel about my
    feet. I always bury my toes in the sand when we go to the beach, wear socks whenever someone
    else is around, or just curl my toes under my feet so no one will see them. I would have
    loved to wear flip flops to school, but I never did. My parents dont realize the lengths I go
    to to keep my toes covered up. So to anyone out there who has had the surgery, what is it like?
    What was the cost, healing time, and your overall experience with it? I would really
    appreciate any info. And to any parents out there with children born with webbed toes, I really
    recommend getting it fixed. It’ll save them a lot of stress.

  26. S Keene says:

    Don’t let anyone fool you into believing that having your feet cut on won’t hurt. It will hurt. There will likely be some scarring and there could be lingering pain for years. The health and well-being of your feet greatly impact everthing you will do in life. The slight cosmetic benefit you may perceive is not worth the risks of infection, pain and recovery time from surgery, scarring or possible ongoing neuropathic pain. Your surgery might be simple and everything turn out well, however, medical science is far from perfect. Please consider the risk factors carefully before intentionally risking damage to your healthy feet. Long term, no one else really cares a flying goose about your toes – webbed or not. You, however, would have to live the rest of you life with the results of an unsatisfactory surgical outcome. I am a woman with over 40 years of webbed-footed life experience. Make peace with your toes. They are unique to you. Mutalating yourself so that you can look more like everyone else just seems so senseless. Good luck to you whatever your decision may be.

  27. Flip flops says:

    I wasn’t born with webbed toes/feet or anything, but I know a guy that has webbed feet and hands. He’s a swimmer, and a darn good one at it too. For some reason he doesn’t seem to embarrassed about his condition either.

  28. Torrey says:

    I also have “twin toes”, 2nd and 3rd on both feet. My mom freaked out when I was born – they are hereditary on my dad’s side of women, grandmother, great aunts, great grandmothers, etc. My dad didn’t have siblings.
    I have 2 boys – they didn’t get it, but I can’t wait until the grandkids to see if their girls get them. My webbed toes have never stopped me from wearing sandals or painting my toes. As a teenager, I went to the beach and showed them off. I embrace my uniqueness, there are more of us than I thought, but not enough to make us “common”. I am grateful my dad talked my mom out of having my toes “clipped” as a baby – 45 years later, they still make great conversation when people see them. The only thing I missed out on was being able to wear the toed socks – back in the 70’s – but really not a great loss!! God gave only a select few these special toes – I can’t imagine not having them.

  29. Barefootguy says:

    Re: Flip Flops

    Cool… Great to hear his a swimmer and not ashamed of his uniqueness… Which toes and fingers are webed?

  30. Shelby says:

    Lingering pain??? Are you kidding! Evidently you haven’t had the surgery. Jesus, it totally pisses me off when people try to make the surgery out to be so bad as if it’s a mortal sin to fix your toes that weren’t meant to be webbed in the first place. I had the surgery done in 95 and haven’t a single problem and yes, the scarring will eventually subside if not totally disappear. Like any surgery requiring stitches or grafting (if needed) there will be some scarring but if you have ever had plastic surgery performed by a plastic surgeon that is and not a foot doc, then you will notice right away how good these people really are. Think about it, do you ever see bad scarring from these movie stars who get total face lifts and nose jobs?? No you don’t unless it’s someone who had a million surgeries. Don’t even sweat it, it seriously didn’t even hurt me. I’ve had broken bones and other cuts that hurt nothing like webbed toe surgery lol, it’s only plastic surgery. It’s really no big deal. The ones who say it is and bitch about the awful pain are people who don’t even know what it’s like, they are just trying to justify their choice or lack of choice in having the surgery. Anyone can brainwash their selves into believing something is cool but let’s be realistic, for some of us it’s the worst thing ever. I often find it’s people who don’t really care about their looks or just don’t put as much emphasis on perfecting their selves through fitness, nutrition, and spiritual well being to the extent many others do. I never wanted be half ass or just ok with something, I have always wanted to be the best I could be. I’ve applied that to every aspect of my life. I wasn’t ok with having my 2nd and 3rd toes webbed let alone having one foot that had the same two toes webbed more on one foot. I didn’t like that, it was obvious to me it was a defect versus some cool mutant trait. Sci-fi is cool to watch but being the mutant while growing up and beyond is entirely a different ball game. However, as judgmental as I am about myself I still respect the choices others have made. If you like your toes webbed up to the nail on one foot or both good for you, that’s cool but it’s not for me. I shouldn’t be made to feel like I am supposed to accept a deformity because God made me like that. First of all I don’t buy that at all. I really don’t believe God was sitting at his desk and thought “hmmm i think I’ll make her toes stuck together but slightly higher on foot because this will make her unique!”.. Yea right.. Come on people, science has clearly shown us that it’s a simple birth defect. Why would God want us to suffer so much?? He wouldn’t! It simply comes down to whether or not you yourself can live with it. I personally thought it was embarrassing as hell and I was very ashamed of it. Just the fact of knowing my toes were stuck together drove me crazy. We’re human! Our toes were not genetically designed to be webbed, it’s a defect that happens to a number of us. Do some research. No one should ever have to subject themselves to the ridicule and stress of hiding your toes for years and missing out on pool parties and just hanging out barefoot. It’s so natural and for those of you like myself who went to extremes to hide your toes know just how much it sucks to not be able to just chill out barefoot without being stared at, laughed at, ooo’d and ahh’d over, or just flat out asked about your freakin webbed toes. Not cool! It’s a very Very simple surgery. Don’t sweat it and dare to live a little. Not everyone has the balls to have surgery but then again not everyone has the drive or moxy to be the best. Step up if that’s what you want. Save and just do it if it means you’ll be happy. I have never been happier! It’s just sad to think my life started after surgery at 18 yrs of age. I would have loved to be a kid and go swimming and wear all the sandals and sexy shoes and paint each others toes at slumber parties but no, my parents thought it would be best if I became secure with a deformity. What kind of parent would want their child to be ok with flippers and expect them to flaunt it? Makes me sick

  31. Jessica B. says:

    Make peace with your toes? Is that a bad joke or were you serious? It’s bad enough some of our toes look like a peace sign but to think they will bring you peace is pushing it. I’ve never had a single day of peace with these stupid toes. Mine are also the 2nd and 3rd, I really don’t like it at all or even find it even half way attractive on other people. Although some people have far less obvious webbed toes like those who have like a 1/4 or a little more webbed. I really don’t know if that even counts lol. Must be nice

  32. Sadie says:

    I wish mine were “barely” webbed! Mine are fused up to the first joint leaving a small crease at the top separating the two nails. Thankfully my toes weren’t webbed any higher or I couldn’t get away with wearing these cute peep toes. hahaha If they only knew! Ahhhhhhh I don’t even like to think about it!!! I’m so f&$king happy I’ve never told a soul! Even as a ballet dancer and gymnast I’ve always managed to get away with wearing cute socks or booties and making a habit of being too busy to take part in barefoot activities. I hate it!!!!!! All I want is to just be normal and have fun. I hate to even paint my toes because I know no one will even see them and if they do they’ll just laugh and wonder why I even paint these hideous toes. I’d have really cute feet with high arches if it weren’t for my two toes. I can’t even pull them apart to paint cuz they are fused so close together and I always stubb them. I’m scare to death of breaking a toe and having to go get it fixed. I have never even shown any of my boyfriends because they all like feet. Funny thing is they give me foot massages with my socks on and never even noticed my toes were webbed. hahaha omg to funny.. i often wear little sox with a small hole in the big toe or partially showing my second and they just assume I have pretty feet cuz I take good care of my feet and toes. It’s kinda sad to think I make them suffer with a tiny peep show but to be honest I love it. At least they get to see my toes enough to be half way content although the guy I’m seeing now begs to see my feet! lol! I let him pet my toes through the holes of my socks. lmao yes, i am guilty of strategically making holes in my socks. lol Not like I wear holy socks around but i kinda like when they play with my feet. I’m not sure how no ones noticed when they feel the top of my webbed toes but it’s not like they are thinking about it so they don’t realize there’s no space between them. lol Sorry but i’m just like any other girl who likes guys to play with their feet, I just can’t bring myself to show them and let them down. When they ask to see them I tease them by just showing the tops that aren’t webbed or my other normal toes. I love it!! hahaha I’m mean huh! I’ve even have baby soft feet and wrinkled soles and not a single callus thanks to my sock therapy lmao. I love teasing them! I just wish I could go barefoot too. No fun!! So after years of thought and contemplation I just had my first consultation with a plastic surgeon and she was totally sweet! She was maybe thirty yrs old and very attractive. I was a bit worried at how she’d react but she totally made me feel comfortable and even slipped her own shoe off to explain the cuts and the simplicity. I didn’t expect that at all and it was nice not having someone try to talk you out of something OR try talk you into it. She just explained it and complimented me on my high arches and soft feet. It’s kind of funny because her toes were in fact BARELY webbed. The same two toes! So to accept my webbed toes somewhat we decided to just cut them 3/4 of the way down barely leaving my toes webbed. Not really webbed but not totally cut either. I like that look personally and it’s still kinda me. What do you all think? Cut all the way or 3/4? I’m going thru with it so don’t waste your time trying to talk me out of it ok, it’s just not for me. I am scheduled for surgery on the 10th of September. It’s only costing me $1,200 per foot plus $500 for out patient surgery center. (possibly, fee may be waived she said) No boot to wear or any ballons like I’ve read about. Just a small graft, maybe two and the folds will be between my toes. I can live with that. She showed me photos of a woman with the same toes separated and I couldn’t even tell. Photos were before, immediately after, and five months post op. Plus no scars on my ankles or feet because the graft comes from my groin. She said to wear my favorite bikini bottom in and she will make the incision along the bikini line to hide any incisions. I can So live with that!!! It never did make sense to me having my ankles or feet cut up to take skin grafts. The whole point is to hide my imperfections not enhance them. All the more reason to see a plastic surgeon versus a foot doctor. I want an artist, not a doctor who removes warts and ingrown toenails. lol! I’m so happpy!! Doin the happy dance, doin the happy dance! lol! I’m getting a toe ring nanananana! 🙂 XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  33. s keene says:

    Anyone who is so unhappy and suffers such misery from the appearance of their toes, should look into having them altered. All I suggest, should you choose this route, is that you do so fully informed of the risks and possible outcomes. Many people have great results from surgery and cosmetic alterations. It is wonderful that we live in a time when this option is available. However, it is also a fact that there are instances of unsatisfactory outcomes ranging from minor to severe. Chose your doctor carefully and enter into any procedure fully informed. Best Wishes.

  34. Cindy Ford says:

    If everyone focused on the negatives in life this would be a pretty awful place. With that in mind I see no reason at all to even think about and dwell on a negative outcome from surgery. The only people I ever read about or even hear about complaining of surgery and the so called serious or severe outcomes are from people who either chose not to have surgery because they think it’s cool or they simply couldn’t afford it. Listen, if you can’t afford it and genuinely haven’t talked yourself into believing they are cool as a result then save up and get it done. Chances are you really will be ten times happier then before and yes, that in itself is worth it. The freedom it gives you to be yourself and not be viewed as a mutant is pretty damn nice. I realize some people could care less and good for you but there’s those of us who don’t share your opinion and who are you to try to talk them out of being happy? Is it because you secretly want there to be more people like yourself to make you feel better about having a deformity? Is it because you can’t afford it so you don’t feel anyone else should have the right to be happy and free? Allow people to make the decisions they feel are right for them without placing this disguised guilt by telling them how great life is as a mutant. It’s pretty selfish don’t you think? Maybe you are genuine and maybe you’re just attempting to shed light on how “your” life is so great with webbed toes but there are many of us out there who don’t like having our toes stuck together. It’s a simple procedure and many people are often awake during the operation. It’s hardly a major surgery and far from severe. The worst that could possibly happen is a skin graft may not take and chances of that are actually incredibly slim in todays world. Don’t allow yourself to dwell on these awful things people tell you can happen. They are often just jealous you have the nerve to step up and they don’t. Some people are scared of taking risk and will never know the joy of not having to worry about your toes all the time. Anyone who puts that much thought into their toes and stresses so much should just get them fixed. You won’t be sorry. 😉

  35. Vanessa says:

    My daughter is 21 months old and has a partial webbed toe on one foot (to the 2nd knuckle/joint). I was wondering if anyone had any idea the best time to have this surgery done. Would the child be put under using general anesthesia or a sedative and local anesthesia. Her connection is just skin. My friend’s brother was recommended having his son’s surgery before the age of 3. Any input would be helpful.

  36. Jeff says:

    I have 2 toes webbed the second and third approximately 2/3 up on both feet. I strongly disagree with nearly everyone on this page. I would have to say that it is the most unique/coolest physical characteristic I have. I was never once made fun of, only put in the spotlight to shine, being different than everyone else. My dad has the condition also. When I was born, the Pediatrician wanted to seperate my toes, but my dad screamed “No!” I don’t know if people are truly being serious when they say they were “ridiculed” and “teased”. The only comment that I never liked was people blaming my skills in the water on my webbed toes. This is seriously not a problem, think of all the other disabilities other people live with everyday. Just enjoy who you are and get over the false facade you’ve created.

  37. Jeff says:

    By the way, this condition never prevented me from doing anything, whether it be making friends or getting a full academic scholarship for college. Don’t waste money and stress on an operation if it is just skin.

  38. Michael says:

    Vanessa I had this surgery done at 17 and it was a very simple procedure. My 2nd and 3rd toes were together about 3/4’s up on my left and a tad more then half on my right although it looked less from above until you pulled em apart. Drove me crazy! However, If it is just to the second knuckle I really don’t know if it would be worth the surgery but that is entirely up to you. That really isn’t that noticeable and could be kinda cool since so minor. However, if they were webbed all the way I would certainly consider surgery even tho many would beg to differ. It’s a really simple surgery requiring local anesthetic and I was awake thru the whole operation. I even had a skin graft for my left foot. During, it didn’t hurt a bit, just a little tugging n so forth but quite liberating to say the least. Even after it was no biggie pain wise, seriously no big deal. Once the doc (plastic surgeon) separated my left toes she asked me to look and although not finished or sewn up I was very relieved and definitely happy to see my toes were no longer stuck together. I was never made fun of minus one incident in 1st grade but they just didn’t understand at that age but aside from that it was all good. I just never showed anyone because I personally couldn’t stand the fact my toes were stuck together when they should be apart. For me it was the simple fact of knowing my toes were joined that drove me crazy, I even felt them together which was worse because I knew it wasn’t right since I had nerves ‘n muscles running along each individual toe. Anyways, I was happy as could be and even more so once the faint scarring healed. I believe the only negative if you even want to call it that was that I was unable to spread those two toes because the muscles had never been used like that. That was nothing if in fact a challenge for me to strengthen them. But yes, it’s easy, local anesthetic, no balloons or boots to wear after and I couldn’t be happier with the result. It’s all good! Best thing that ever happened to me! To think I was limited and forced to hide my body is ridiculous and just the liberation was well worth it! In my case girls liked my scars and thought they were cool which was much cooler then oooo look at your webbed toes, weird! I don’t like weird, or mutant, I like cool. 😉

  39. Michael says:

    2/3 hahahaha that’s nothing! If my toes were barely 2/3 webbed I would care less too. For those of us with 3/4 or more have a entirely different view and opinion. 2/3’s is hardly even considered a deformity or webbed. Some people are just like that. Jesus Christ that’s nothing!! Who are you to say people shouldn’t have surgery if your toes are BARELY webbed??? LOL Too funny but thanks for your 2 cents. Although I agree, if your toes are “BARELY” webbed 2/3’s up surgery is probably not for you. lol Weirdo lmao

  40. Dougal says:

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