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Monthly Archives: March 2008

WordPress 2.5 Released

If you already run WordPress, then you’ve probably seen the other announcements in your Dashboard about the release of WordPress 2.5. There are plenty of details in the Development Blog posting, so I won’t rehash the feature list here. I’ll just point out a few important details. First of all, in my post about Release Candidate 1, I mentioned that I had problems with the plugin updater. Since that time, I have been able to … Continue reading

WordPress 2.5 RC1

The first release candidate for WordPress 2.5 was announced last night. The adventurous among you can download it for testing. New features include: Faster load times. Multi-file uploads. New “Media Manager” for images, audio, video, etc. Built-in gallery function. Built-in (and pluggable) Gravatars support. New backend design. One-click auto-update for plugins. Reactivate plugins after a ‘Deactivate All Plugins’ action. (my feature! 🙂 ) As a long-time WordPress user and developer, the new design for the … Continue reading

Roadwork Next 15 Miles

I am preparing to move all of my web and email hosting to a new server. I’ve been fortunate to have an in-trade hosting arrangement for many years now (thanks to Jeff at Iguanasoft!). But my host’s owner is winding down some of his equipment, and I had outgrown the server I was on. I’ve secured a new server at Slicehost (a 1024slice running Ubuntu), and I’ll be transitioning my data over the next couple … Continue reading

Easy Gravatars 1.2

Earlier today, I released Easy Gravatars version 1.2. The only change (besides confirming that works in WordPress 2.5, currently in beta, due out next week) is that when installed under WordPress 2.5 or newer, it will use the new core get_avatar() function to generate the image tag. And since get_avatar() is a pluggable function, other plugins could conceivably use it to generate avatar icons from other services, and Easy Gravatars would then use the new … Continue reading

Internet Explorer 8: Progress!

It seems that Microsoft has reversed their previous decision to make Internet Explorer 8 crippled by default. They will be enabling the standards compliant mode by default in IE8, and webmasters will have to use the X-UA-Compatible header to force it into IE7 mode, for sites that can’t be updated immediately. Huzzah for progress! And on that note, I’ll mention that Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 is available for download. Go break the web!

WordPress 2.5 Beta

I just upgraded this site to WordPress 2.5 Beta. So far, everything appears to be working just fine. And since I know lots of people will ask, I checked my plugins, and most of them (HeadMeta, Text Filter Suite, and Easy Gravatars), work just fine. The one that doesn’t work is Theme Preview. When I can find time, I’ll try to figure out why. The official WP release is slated for March 10. Update 2008-03-29: … Continue reading