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Internet Explorer 8: Progress!

It seems that Microsoft has reversed their previous decision to make Internet Explorer 8 crippled by default. They will be enabling the standards compliant mode by default in IE8, and webmasters will have to use the X-UA-Compatible header to force it into IE7 mode, for sites that can’t be updated immediately. Huzzah for progress!

And on that note, I’ll mention that Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 is available for download. Go break the web!

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7 Responses to Internet Explorer 8: Progress!

  1. Shannon says:

    Internet explorer 7.0 has many glitch. Hopefully 8.0 will have those fixed. Today internet users can rely on Mozilla Firefox but not Internet Explorer. Because there are some malicious script especially Popups has been causing too much problem with Internet explorer.

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  3. File Host says:

    I use FF for most web browsing and still use IE6 when needed, I still have not even updated to IE7 due to all the bugs, now IE8 is out. Well I hope they learnt some lessons from 7 !!

  4. Calvin says:

    I wondering what is the advantage compare the IE8 and FF. More then 50% of the internet user are suing FF as their browser now, so let’s see whether the IE8 can bring more surprise to us

  5. World says:

    I have used Beta verisons of IE8 and must say Microsoft has made great improvements in it.

  6. It’s looking alright so far, but why it’s still rubbish bemuses me!

  7. nash says:

    I have used internet explorer, firefox, and chrome. I must say that chrome is the best for using process. I have searched for IE8 and it is pretty good. Microsoft had developed much more fetaures like chrome firefox 🙂

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