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Easy Gravatars 1.2

Earlier today, I released Easy Gravatars version 1.2. The only change (besides confirming that works in WordPress 2.5, currently in beta, due out next week) is that when installed under WordPress 2.5 or newer, it will use the new core get_avatar() function to generate the image tag. And since get_avatar() is a pluggable function, other plugins could conceivably use it to generate avatar icons from other services, and Easy Gravatars would then use the new service too.

If that doesn’t make sense to you, don’t sweat it. You can upgrade and it will work fine (on both older versions of WP and the upcoming version 2.5). Or you can keep the previous version, and it will continue to work fine, too. The only way things would work any different is if you are running WordPress 2.5 (or later, one day), and if you had an additional plugin which defined a new get_avatar() function.

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