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Plugin: WriteScroll

A couple of weeks ago, Les Orchard tweeted a complaint about the WordPress editor:

wordpress annoyance: textarea for editing a blog post doesn’t start until more than 1/2 way down my screen. Too much nav; always scrolling.

I figured that was a problem easily solved, so while I was eating my lunch that day, I whipped up a mini-plugin to help out. The WriteScroll plugin checks to see if you are on one of the main editing pages, and if so, it injects a bit of javascript into the page which automatically scrolls the browser down so that the editor’s container is at the top of the browser window. It uses the jQuery library, which is already included with WordPress, so no additional libraries need to be loaded.

In WriteScroll 1.0, there are no options to set. Just activate the plugin, and when you visit the Write Post or Write Page screens, your browser should automatically scroll down so that the editor fills the browser area better.

Visit the WriteScroll Plugin page for downloading.

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