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Syndactyly forums up and running again

When I switched to my new host, I was in a rush to get all my domains up and running, and I somehow managed to forget to re-install bbPress for my Syndactyly Forums. If any of you stopped by the site before and got a “sorry, I can’t find that” message, my apologies. The forums are up and running again, and on the latest version of bbPress.

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Dougal is a web developer, and a "Developer Emeritus" for the WordPress platform. When he's not coding PHP, Perl, CSS, JavaScript, or whatnot, he spends time with his wife, three children, a dog, and a cat in their Atlanta area home.
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5 Responses to Syndactyly forums up and running again

  1. Luis says:

    Also, revise your date on WordPress, this post is date from 1999. Good luck friend.

  2. Luis says:

    At least that is what showed up on my feed reader.

  3. Dougal says:

    Huh, you’re right. The feed date is wrong. I don’t know what’s up with that…

  4. Web Hosting says:

    How were your search engine rankings effected by this move? I have heard stories that people drop in rankings when they change web hosts.

  5. Dougal says:

    No change in my Pagerank. I’ve been at PR7 for quite some time now.

    Of course, I freely admit that this is primarily due to the inclusion of my link in the default WordPress install up until a few releases ago. The “artificial” linkage of over 100K blogs will do a lot for your PR.

    I’ve been contemplating a domain switch, though. That will definitely kill my PR. Well, maybe not ‘kill’ it, but it will put it down to the level it probably should be. I’m not going to do that until I have time to work on a new theme, though. I want to do all I can to encourage people to update their old links to the new domain. Of course, the main thing I need to do is to post more frequently.

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