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Monthly Archives: August 2008

WordPress 2.6.2-beta1

It looks like there’s going to be another point-release of WordPress coming soon. WordPress version 2.6.2-beta1 was just branded in svn a short while ago. Looking over the logs, I don’t see anything major — a fix for the Textpattern importer, a bug fix that prevents an attempt to make a revision of a revision, a new ‘login_redirect’ filter, a new ‘wp_rand()’ function, and a handful of other minor bugfixes. I’m kind of wondering if … Continue reading

XCache Object Cache Plugin for WordPress 2.5+

This is another one of those articles that will be of interest to a minority of WordPress users. In particular, if you use the XCache PHP opcode cache and Neosmart’s XCache object-cache plugin for WordPress. For those of you who don’t know what the heck I’m babbling about, a PHP opcode cache is a bit of software which helps your web server do less work when turning all your PHP code into web pages that … Continue reading

Knee Update – Week 7

It’s been seven weeks since my knee surgery. I can now officially put my full weight on my right leg. Unofficially, I’ve already been walking around without crutches for most of the past week. When I had my six-week checkup with the surgeon, I asked when I could drive a car on my own instead of having to get my family members to drive me to appointments. He said “whenever you feel like you can,” … Continue reading

Macbook + Coffee = Bad

Everybody knows that you shouldn’t keep beverages too close to the computer, right? The reason is because eventually, your toddler is going to run up to give you a big hug before she leaves for daycare, and is going to bump your leg. Your leg, in turn, is going to bump the TV tray where you set your coffee cup. The cup is going to tip over and spill several ounces of coffee directly onto … Continue reading

WordPress 2.6.1-beta1

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen mention of this from other channels yet (official or unofficial), but two days ago, SVN revision 8561 of the WordPress 2.6 branch was labled as WordPress version 2.6.1-beta1. The log messages reveal that most changes since the 2.6 release are minor bug and typo fixes. A few of the more interesting bits that jump out at me are: Allow disabling password reset per-user. Query functions now allow a comma-separated … Continue reading