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Monthly Archives: December 2008

WordPress 2.8 features survey

With WordPress 2.7 in the bag, the development team is looking ahead to what features should go into version 2.8. To that end, they have announced a survey to find out what features the community thinks is most important. It presents a list of several possible features (theme browser/installer, performance improvements, sortable columns in edit lists, OpenID integration, etc.) and asks how important you think each one is. Then it asks you to provide your … Continue reading

WordPress 2.7 Released

Well, that didn’t take long 🙂 With a few last minute fixes since Release Candidate 2, WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane” is officially released. This is probably one of the most ambitious releases to date, in particular due to the radically redesigned backend interface. After much testing and feedback, I think the team has given us a very professional looking, flexible, and consistent interface that should serve us for the foreseeable future. Besides the new user interface, … Continue reading

WordPress 2.7 RC 2

WordPress 2.7 RC 2 is now available. There have been nearly 150 bugfixes since RC1, including improvements to the backend styling, RTL fixes, core and plugin updater fixes, improvements to categegory and tag handling, and much more. Barring any major new bugs being discovered, this will likely be the last release candidate before the official 2.7 release. Huzzah!

WordPress 2.7 Coming Soon!

WordPress die-hards everywhere are anxiously awaiting the official release of WordPress 2.7, which should be very soon now. A few days ago, WordPress 2.7 RC 1 was announced, and this Friday, Automattic will roll out the latest code on to help flush out any remaining issues that need to be addressed. I’ve been running the new code here for about a month, and I love how much more professional the backend interface looks now. … Continue reading