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87 Responses to WordPress 2.9 Features

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  2. Christopher says:

    The basic image editing will get rid of a plugin I’ve been using.

    The widgets anywhere feature will help with a task I have for a friend’s website.

    I’m very curious about post thumbnails, I’m currently using functions to show thumbnails on a few of my sites, but I wonder how that will work. I like having it automatically use images that are either in the post or linked. Your description of that feature was a little vague. Add an image, but how?

  3. Jonathan says:

    nice! looking forward to it!

  4. Palm Arena says:

    These are some great features. I’ve been looking forward to the post thumbnails option. Also the upgraded media editing option is great as well as the trash can. All in all this is looking to be a much needed update. Glad to see WordPress is steadily adding features.

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  6. KJ says:

    Post thumbnails, finally. The image editing and media embeds sounds ace.

  7. Fahad says:

    Nice stuff, that’s why I love WP 🙂

  8. Jordan Josh says:

    Woohoooo! Can’t wait till it’s officially released.

  9. Carl Hancock says:

    Does anyone have any information on the new Custom Post Type functionality?

    Is there an interface for it or just the underlying capabilities. I ask because the custom taxonomies is a great feature, but the lack of an interface to manage it isn’t user friendly for the average user. You have to install a plugin to take advantage of custom taxonomies because there is no way to add or manage them without a plugin.

    I’m guessing the custom post type enhancements are being handled the same way.

    • Dougal says:

      As far as I know, support for custom post types will be under-the-hood, requiring plugins and themes to expose the functionality, as for the custom taxonomies. I think the reasoning is that it’s a pretty advanced concept for most users. So it will be supported by plugins/themes for users who really know what to do with it, but out of the way for users who don’t need it.

  10. Ron Matich says:

    Very excited! The added feature for widgetized areas beyond the sidebar will really open up more design features for me!! I’m like a kid before Christmas! Sounds like I will be able to save a lot of time now too with 2.9. The whole transferring your photos from the camera to Gimp (or your image software), and then to WordPress. Hopefully I can cut the whole second step out completely! Truly, great work!

  11. Tibor says:

    I am really looking forward to the image editing feature: will make thing so much easier for the ‘average user’ (as in: client).

    The template tag for widgets is cool too!

  12. Andrew Koop says:

    My plugins are all running just fine as well. However, in the admin area, I can’t seem to access my theme under Appearance < Edit anymore. Have you heard anyone else mention that?

  13. Widgets anywhere will be super handy. Instead of pulling janky functions from the widget files or using the do shortcode php now we can just throw the widget in there. Awesome.

    Custom post types should make for some pretty nifty options for those creating themes, especially the premium ones.

    The image editing functions are a sweet bonus.

    Awesome work guys and gals.

  14. demetris says:

    the_widget() is not new. It was added in v2.8. 🙂 (Along with the new Widget API.)

    Thanks for the overview!

  15. Check out this post I want to be able to have multiple galleries using the built-in image manager, and not have to rely on a plugin.

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  17. The Media Library shows you which attachments are not connected to any posts/pages, but there is still no way to attach them to something… or to change which post/page a file is attached to. (That would be very handy when attempting to merge two draft posts, for example!)

  18. j.hart says:

    Assuming there aren’t any disasters that befall the 2.9 release of MU, the image editing and multimedia embedding features will make the blog management portion of my job much easier! I’m definitely looking forward to better multimedia management and know I’ll have lots of happy users once that functionality is working as intended.

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  20. Tomb says:

    Is wish there was a “Exclude from gallery” function for the images you want in the post but not in the gallery. 🙁

  21. Dougal, thanks for this roundup. Have you heard anything more on the role/capability changes discussed back in July?

  22. Ondrej says:

    Is thumbnail sharpening coming in the Image Editing package? Or is there (going to be) a plugin for that? The original big image can be sharpened externally, but the WP-generated thumbnail is a problem. Any hope?

  23. Thanks for the heads up. I’m looking forward to the easy/intelligent media embedding and widgets anywhere. Re. the image manipulation, I’m interested, but wonder if the processes involved will result in loss of fine detail quality or perhaps bloated filesizes? Basically is there any sort of option for setting JPG quality level?

    FYI, is
    “This means that a theme can basically come bundled with its own themes.”
    supposed to be
    “This means that a plugin can basically come bundled with its own themes.”
    or have I just misunderstood the feature?

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  25. mercime says:

    Thank you for the overview. I must admit I stopped reading your post when I got to Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin being integrated to core of 2.9 and went right away to his plugin’s page. ‘Twas relief to see that Viper will be making a replacement plugin “to make the existing shortcodes in older posts use the new API in 2.9.” Kudos Viper.

    Custom post types: general support for post types other than ‘post’, ‘page’, and ‘attachment’. This plus the custom taxonomy support we already have will go far to address those to like to claim that WordPress is not a ‘real’ CMS.

    What’s sometimes overlooked to make WP a “real CMS” is to facilitate and fully support user management of the “static” Pages content in the backend … hundreds and hundreds of Pages. A non-profit almost went with another well-known opensource application because of their managment of static pages. I was able to persuade them to go WP way when I showed PageMash in backend of WPMU used as “CMS” so manager can view at a glance whether placement of Pages are correct 4 levels deep. The dropdown in Pages panel to choose Parent Page becomes wild when one adds long Page titles and soooo many Pages, it really needs to be revised . Oh man, if I were a WP guru …

    Re Jane Well’s post re 2.9 features – re top voted standalone editable photo albums – were you able to test how well it’s working or is it even included in 2.9?


  26. Carson says:

    I know that 2.9 is in feature freeze now but I hope you have included a simple way to set the font size in the visual editor. I’m talking about the size of the text in the editor itself, not the way it will be displayed on the web page. If there is a way to do this without changing the code I haven’t found it.

  27. Tal Galili says:

    Very exciting stuff, thank you for the report!

    I am hoping to see some easy automated “fetch the image from the post” for the thumbnail.
    And am also wondering when there will be a top navigation bar relying on the_widget()

    Thanks again for the preview!

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  29. healthygirl says:

    Although I am already way beyond the moon with wordpress i’d love more image manipulation so i’m looking forward to this ! Go fwd wp !

  30. Dianso says:

    im use wp2.9 now

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  32. Pat says:

    Um, will they by a way to disable the embedding feature? I’d like to embed my own damned code. thank you.

    Progressives, always wanting to TELL YOU how to do things.

    Whatever happened to personal freedom?

  33. Pat says:

    While I am here, did they ever fix that new spellchecker/MS WORD grammar checker knock off? It was eating embedding code last I checked.

  34. Bojan says:

    How long do we need to wait for new WordPress? Will it be available in few months?

    • Dougal says:

      Last word I saw was that it would reach Beta status around October 31. After that, it will depend on how many bugs people run into that need to be dealt with, but we can probably expect the final release sometime in December.

      • Pat says:

        Oh, so, you’ll answer his, but not mine. 😉 😛 😀

        No matter, I found out it can be disabled. Which is a good thing. Choice is good, and besides, there’s always that Odball embed code from like newspaper or something.

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  37. li says:

    HELP!!!! where do I get some help here!
    Suddenly my wordpress site: will not allow comments and puts out a 400 bad request ngix notice when you click on the comments button…

    Where can I get help with this?

    Thank you profoundly! LI

  38. Hopefully they will have less reliance on code. I have found it difficult on WP with many themes and plugins as they assume we all know code. Some of the revisions you talk about are nice additions, I just hope that they will not require code manipulation to achieve and that there will be more WYSIWYG type plugins, widgets, and features for WP2.9.

    When I go to a website verification service my website has over 300 errors in code and other things and I have no idea how to correct them as I did not write the code for the plugins and theme anyway. The verification services are stating that it is preventing most search engines from picking up my webpages and content. Most bloggers or small businesses using WP from independent hosts, do not know code and we have difficulty on here.
    Guess I went off on a rant, my bad — just hope WP hears more from the clueless on the code crowd.

    Even where you state we “can use the following HTML tags and attibutes” at the bottom of the comment section on this page is alien to me and I see that all the time in WP.

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  40. DaniFra says:

    I’m looking forward to the custom post types, as i’m discovering WordPress as a great CMS, despite what others might say. 😛

  41. Trash Status, Comments Meta-data, and new Post Types – this is a good sign. I sincerely hope 2.10 switches focus to looking at content management – visual query building and the like. (I’m getting bored with all the media and cosmetic stuff in the last couple of releases – sounds like I’m not alone – give us a shout when you need that brainstorm.)

    It seems possible to tag just about anything with anything, including tagging links themselves – then what we need is some non-programming UI to exploit this power.

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  43. Mike Floyd says:

    I’m most interested in both the image editing capabilities in the media library and the custom content types.

    The media library will be a big help for clients that I set up with WordPress websites. These clients aren’t necessarily savvy with image editing tools and to have everything built into WordPress will be a big help.

    The custom content types will help me in creating different types of WordPress-based sites, such as a local business directory.

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  48. Good point. It sounds very logical when you put it that way.

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  51. I like the post thumbnails feature. My blog is really an exhibit of my paintings – a thumbnail will basically be able to give the reader an idea of the artwork before it is actually viewed.

  52. Thanky you for the preview! It is very useful. The new features are looking good.

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  54. Answering my own question above, there is a plugin — Change Attachment Parent — that lets you change the parent page or post for an attachment.

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  67. Liz says:

    Hi Dougal,
    thank you for this post. As a complete novice to the special language that dominates the world of wordpress, I’m at a loss even in the support forums as to how to get a simple answer to a troubleshooting question! It’s incredibly frustrating for beginners like me. I applaud the new 2.9 version, though to be frank, the only visible thing I’ve seen is the editor in media. However, this is where my frustration begins…..
    I’m unable to upload pictures into my library and all the pictures that I uploaded up to last May no longer show in the actual library, so it’s rather frustrating as all the forums talk in such complex language, that I wonder if there is anyone out there that can just let me know what the problem is in nice ‘simple’ language please.

    Thank you again for an informative post.:-)x


  68. lance says:

    Good to hear this development. For me, the Image Editor is the coolest feature.

  69. tecnitron1 says:

    awesome review 2.9 i like hew feature of the image editor much more to play with.

  70. Bob says:

    It’s good to find this information as we use WordPress for many of our clients.  Always helps to learn more.

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