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Monthly Archives: April 2010

FancyBox Gallery demo fixed

Yesterday, I discovered that the demo at the bottom of my FancyBox Gallery plugin page was broken. After a little research, I discovered that a third-party javascript was the culprit. I’ve disabled that script for now, and alerted the service provider to the problem. So, my apologies if you came to the page and got the impression that the plugin didn’t work well. In a related note, I’ve been working (slowly) on some updates to … Continue reading

WordPress as a Forum?

I know there are some efforts to integrate forums with WordPress. Of course there’s bbPress, which can share user logins. And there is the Simple:Press plugin, which seems pretty full-featured. And I have heard references to other efforts for plugins, or integrations for external forum systems. The main problem with external forum systems (as opposed to solutions purely based on plugins and themes) is that if you want a consistent look-and-feel between your blog and … Continue reading

Open Source Community Personality Spectrum

The Art of Community: Building the New Age of Participation (Theory in Practice) Most good open source projects attract an audience of supporters. When the buzz around the project reaches a certain point, it will also pull in detractors. We commonly use the term “community” to describe the group of people discussing the project. Mostly we mean the supporters, but it really includes anybody with an interest in the project, good or bad. When you … Continue reading

Email subscription changes

For a while now, I’ve had an email signup form in the sidebar (look, over there on the right), and a few people have taken advantage of it. This allows you to receive an email notification whenever there are new posts here on my blog. Until now, these emails have been driven by FeedBurner. However, I’ve now moved them over to MailChimp. This will give me more control over the formatting of the emails (I … Continue reading

Customize Your WordPress Dashboard

If you are reading this, there is a very high chance that you are a WordPress user. There’s even a chance that you arrived here through a link in the Other WordPress News widget in your Dashboard. The WordPress Dashboard is a great summary of current activity on your site and in the WordPress community. What some of you might not realize is that you can customize your Dashboard according to what you think is … Continue reading

Running on WordPress 3.0-beta

I’ve been running this site on WordPress 3.0 for several days now (it was still alpha when I switched, and it hit beta-1 status on Friday night). Despite all the cool new stuff available in the new version, you probably won’t see much different when you upgrade. The most obvious changes that you might see in the admin area are that  “Updates” moved from under “Tools” to under the “Dashboard” menu, there’s a new “Menus” … Continue reading