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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Book Review: Digging Into WordPress

A couple of weeks ago, I won an eBook version of Digging Into WordPress from a giveaway on Twitter. This book was authored by Chris Coyier and Jeff Star, who are both successful WordPress developers, well known in the community. I spent some time looking over it, And wanted to share my impressions. If you’re in a hurry and just want the 5-second review: It’s good, and it’s got something for beginners and experts alike. … Continue reading

Dear Facebook Friends

Dear Facebook Friends, I want to hear about your latest joys and sorrows. I want to be jealous that you got the cool new phone, sports car, or big screen TV. I want to see your vacation pictures. I want to know when you reconnect with that old friend, who happens to also be an old friend of mine, so that I can reconnect with them, too. I just want to know what you ate … Continue reading

WordPress 3.0 is official!

WordPress 3.0 is finally officially released (a few days ago, actually — I’m sure you’ve heard already). This latest and greatest version of our favorite blog/CMS software sports many new and improved features. I discussed several of them a couple of months ago when I upgraded this site to 3.0-beta, but let’s review some of the improvements anyways:

The Business of WordPress Conference (Atlanta)

This may be kind of short notice, but those of you near Atlanta might be interested in the Business of WordPress Conference, taking place next week (June 22-23, 2010). The venue is the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Conference Center, on 14th Street (Midtown). This conference is aimed at non-technical users who are interested in learning more about the benefits of using WordPress to drive a business web site. Over the past few decades the web … Continue reading

Splintering the Community

Recently, Arlen Beiler created a proposal for a WordPress Answers site on the in-progress StackExchange network, which is part of StackOverflow. If you aren’t familiar with StackOverflow or any of its sister-sites, it’s a sort of Questions and Answers forum where good answers are voted up, and float to the top. There is also a reputation system which rewards users for being active and providing quality feedback. I was not previously an active member on … Continue reading