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Monthly Archives: August 2002


Do you like Weird Al? Are you a Christian? Then you’ll love ApologetiX, the world’s best Christian parody band. Seriously. They have some good stuff. I really enjoyed their parodies of Kid Rock’s “Cowboy” and Alien Ant Farm’s “Smooth Criminal”. Download some of the free MP3 samples and check ’em out.

Out of the mouths of babes

Last night, Susan and I were snuggling with the kids as they watched a bed-time video. It was Jamie’s turn to pick, and he chose It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. About halfway through, when Snoopy is doing his World War I Flying Ace bit, Mary asks, “Is he an actor, or a real dog?”. It took Susan and me both a minute to compose ourselves and try to explain it to her 🙂


Susan and I watched Monk last night. It was entertaining, and the title character hooks you in by being extremely quirky (something that actor Tony Shalhoub seems to be adept at). I was a little disappointed that I was able to guess who the killer was, almost as soon as we saw him. Hopefully the other episodes aren’t that transparent. In case you’re wondering, the episode we saw was Mr. Monk and the Other Woman. … Continue reading

Broadband for my distant kin

We came really close to getting cable modems where we live. Close but no cigar. Earlier this year, they were laying fiber in our neighborhood. We were told that we’d have broadband internet access by the end of the year. Then, the work trucks disappeared. See, our cable provider is Adelphia. And they filed for bankruptcy. And they canceled the broadband rollout. Just three weeks from completion. It sucks to be us. Of course, the … Continue reading

Bagpipers to Commemorate 9/11

As part of New York’s plans to commemorate the events of 9/11, five groups of bagpipers (one from each of the city’s five borroughs) will converge at Ground Zero. I don’t know what they’ll be playing, but odds are good that it will be Amazing Grace. Everytime I hear Amazing Grace played on bagpipes, it makes me cry. It will be nice a couple of weeks later, to go to the Alabama Highland Games, and … Continue reading

I’m Number One!

I’m the Number One hit for “dougal” on Google. And nine of the first ten results for “dougal campbell” are references to me (and 37 of the first 50 results). Yay me!

Foot Freaks

Okay, all you foot freaks — here’s that picture I promised. These are my webbed toes. Sorry, no duck webbing, if that’s what you expected. It’s just that the 2nd and 3rd toes are joined by skin to about the 1st knuckle. WebbedToes.jpg I’ve created some forums for discussing webbed toes. Hopefully, this will be easier to manage than a bunch of comments on my blog posts.


Yesterday I (and my two “web team” coworkers) moved across the building into a new cubicle. We’ll miss shooting the breeze with Bill and Jason on a daily basis, but on the bright side (literally), I’m near a window now. As part of my move, I’ve finally made good on my threat to set up my webcam again. The DougalCam is once again updating on a regular basis, and I even fixed the remote window … Continue reading

Webbed Toes

After my previous comment about my webbed toes, several people have found my site while searching for pictures of webbed toes. I aim to please, so I’m hoping to get some pictures of my feet up on the site over the weekend. Mutants of the world, unite! I’ve created some forums for discussing webbed toes. Hopefully, this will be easier to manage than a bunch of comments on my blog posts.