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Monthly Archives: October 2009

SimpleBits switches to WordPress

Dan Cedarholm, web design guru extraordinaire, has switched his SimpleBits blog to WordPress. Well, after 6+ years on an ancient and highly customized install of Movable Type 3.15, and 4+ years on various homegrown CMS solutions, I’ve finally upgraded the guts of this site. I chose WordPress. Sure, there are several other excellent options out there to power the blogs of 2010 and beyond, but the familarity of WP, its plugins, pricetag and other factors … Continue reading

WordPress 2.9 Media Embedding

As promised in my previous post on WordPress 2.9 features, this post will be a demonstration of the super easy media embeds coming in WordPress 2.9. What I find particularly interesting and useful about the new embedding feature, and oEmbed in particular, is that it is truly multimedia. It’s not just about embedding videos. You can embed images, audio, slideshows, or even HTML. Anything that could possibly be included in a web page can be … Continue reading

WordCamp Birmingham 2009 Recap

This post is about two weeks late, but I still wanted to share my notes about WordCamp Birmingham 2009. Short version — it was awesome! As mentioned previously, I gave a presentation on Jumping into WordPress Plugin Development. When I arrived in Birmingham on Friday night, I still only had a little over half of my presentation notes done, and the rest was still just an outline. I stayed up all night finishing my notes … Continue reading