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Monthly Archives: April 2002

Things I Never Knew Existed

I’ve always liked things like fractals and the works of M.C. Escher — the combination of mathematics and art holds a certain fascination for me. So I thought that this link to the Japanese Tesselation Design Association was really cool. That page reminded me of a book that my mom got me when I was a teenager. It was called Inversions, and it’s by a guy named Scott Kim. If anyone is interested, you can … Continue reading

Bees, Beavers, and Other Busy People

Yeah, yeah…. No updates in a while. I’ve been in the zone at work, and haven’t had time to get online from home. Over the last week or so, I’ve spent a lot of time hacking my way through some SOAP::Lite and XMLRPC::Lite voodoo. After converting one of my perl libraries into a proper module, I was able to implement an XML-RPC server in about 7 lines of code (20 lines, if you include blank … Continue reading

Syndication Bug

Brent just let me know that there is a problem with my XML/RSS/RDF (whatever you call it) syndication. The problem is that the permalink URLs generated here use ampersands (&) to separate GET variables. XML requires you to escape ampersands by using the & entity. I’ll investigate a fix when I find time. Update @ 15:20 — Took a quick look. Actually, it wasn’t the ampersands after all. The root of the problem was some … Continue reading

Tiny Icons

No, it’s not a new Don Ho song. It’s lots of itsy-bitsy icons that you can use on your web sites. I’ve previously considered using icons like this to indicate whether a link is internal to a site, or leads to an external site. Or if it opens in a new window. Here are some sites with icons for just those types of functions, and a whole lot more. Webgraphics micro icons Michael Angeles’ mini … Continue reading

We Have the Way Out

Microsoft and Unisys recently launched a new joint advertising campaign — under the slogan “We have the way out” — to promote the Unisys ES7000 Enterprise Server, which can run a data center version of Windows 2000. The server and operating system combination is being promoted as an alternative to Unix-based server products. On Monday, it was revealed that a Web site set up to promote the advertising campaign was running the FreeBSD operating system, … Continue reading


If you’re doing any kind of graphical design, be it for the web, print, or whatever, is a great resource. For a long time now, I had been meaning to upload some pictures. I finally got around to it about a week ago, and my pictures finally made it through the review queue. If you’re interested, you can see some of my photos. There’s nothing spectacular there, though I am fond of the Sunset … Continue reading