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Monthly Archives: April 2005


Feeding the meme… These are my URL ABCs: A is for B is for – and Bookmarks C is for D is for – me me me me me! E is for F is for – like + feeds G is for – Duh. H is for I is for – what a great word. J is for – just some Yahoo! out west … Continue reading

Spammers should all DIE DIE DIE

I am so sick of the damn spammers. Spammers are teh sux0r. Spammers are a festering boil on the ass of the Internets. I wouldn’t let a spammer kiss my butt with a pair of wax lips from ten feet away. If I ever see a spammer bleeding in a ditch, I will not be a Good Samaritan, I will kick him in the head, cover him up with dirt, and leave him there to … Continue reading

Server move

I’ve been informed that my host server will be relocated later tonight. So if you find that you can’t access the site for a while, that’s probably why. This will not be a migration to new hardware as mentioned previously, just a physical move of the existing hardware to a new location. Update: It looks like the move didn’t happen last night after all. So just be warned that the site could go down at … Continue reading

There’s no place like home

Faced with foot-high grass in our back yard and a no-show lawn service, we bought a lawn-mower this weekend. Yesterday, I spent about three hours (including a couple of water breaks and a fuel refill) beating the grass into submission. When all was said and done, our lawn was looking pretty nice. I’m really glad that we spent the extra money for a self-propelled mower. We’ve got about an acre of land, and that gentle … Continue reading

Mobile Wireless

Have you ever wished that you could have your own wireless network available, wherever you go? How about a mobile wireless access point, GPS tracking, and a webcam in your car? Would that do the trick? The EVDO StompBox Project is just such a beast. So, if you’ve got about $700 and some time to blow, you’re all set! [via: BoingBoing]

Server problems

I’m sure some of you have noticed that I’m experiencing occassional server problems. The host I’m on has been overtaxed, mostly due to spammer activity (both web and email varieties). There are times when the server load spikes up into the 20s, which is ridiculously high. To combat the problem, I set up a cron job which monitors the load level, and restarts apache and mysql when it goes above a certain threshold. However, for … Continue reading

Cake PHP Framework

If you’re like me, you’ve been hearing “Ruby this” and “Rails that” everywhere you go. But I don’t have time right now to be playing with a new development framework, however nifty it may be. Busy, busy, busy, that’s me. I’ve got my perl programming to do at the day job, and in those tiny little niches of time that I can nab for other things, it’s generally PHP for me. But maybe now we … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Ping-O-Matic!

Ping-O-Matic is one year old today. To think that my lowly little service pinger, originally created to help me gain an edge on BlogShares, is all grown up and sending out approximately 1 million pings per day! We’ve sent out pings on behalf of over a half-million individual blogs, and over 85 thousand in just the last week. I haven’t been able to give PoM as much attention lately as I’d like. I still have … Continue reading

9rules Network chooses WordPress

The 9rules Network is a website affiliate network. They have chosen WordPress to power their blog, and hint at more things to come. Wordpress’ powerful theme architecture and plugin API gives us the ability to not only build a powerful blog, but to empower an entire Network – as you’ll soon see. WordPress is not just for blogs anymore. We’re utilizing some of the very latest features available in WordPress Strayhorn (1.5) to build the … Continue reading

Cooper MINI Fun

Recently, while Susan was driving the kids around, our daughter saw a convertible and commented that she’d like a car “with the lid down”. Susan told her, “save your money!” That’s our stock response to the kids whenever they request anything expensive. Anyhow, Susan has always thought that Mary would be really cute in a MINI (when she’s old enough to drive, of course). So we were joking around about that, and began to wonder … Continue reading