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Monthly Archives: April 2005

eBay Storefronts?

Has anyone else noticed brick-and-mortar stores that offer auction services through eBay? There are two in my area that I’m aware of so far. One is TheTradingBay, in Marietta, which I pass each day on my way to work. The second is iSoldIt, which has a store in Woodstock. Basically, they operate sort of like a consignment shop which fronts your items through eBay. “Clicks-to-Bricks” isn’t exactly a new idea. But for some reason, I … Continue reading

SpamLookup plugin for MovableType

There’s a new plugin for MovableType called SpamLookup. Let’s compare this add-on to the anti-spam features already in the WordPress core: Feature Comparison for MT SpamLookup Plugin vs. WordPress Core Feature SpamLookup Plugin WordPress Core IP-based lookup Yes No Domain-based lookup Yes No TrackBack IP check * Yes No Passphrase checks Yes No Checking HTTP Headers Yes No Hyperlink Count limits Yes Yes Dynamic proxy checking Yes Yes Wordlists (blacklist/graylist) Yes Yes Whitelist URL checks … Continue reading

Wil Wheaton considers WordPress

Oh yeah, and Wil Wheaton is also pondering a possible switch to WordPress. Some plans: […] Rebuild the entire site, either in Movable Type, or in WordPress. Right now, I’m playing with a development version of WordPress, and I’m very excited about what it can do. It may not be for me, but I’m enjoying the test drive. […] I’m still kicking myself for not buying an autographed copy of Dancing Barefoot when I had … Continue reading

Scrivs considers new CMS for Whitespace

Scrivs is pondering a change for his design blog, Whitespace. The three main choices are Textpattern or WordPress or DIY. I’ve already weighed in with my (admittedly biased) opinion of WordPress. It seems to me that it would be a great fit for his stated requirements. Here is a list of features that I am looking for: Easily import entries from MT Multiple authors with different permissions Multiple blogs. For example, I may setup a … Continue reading

A modern day fairy tale, part 2

For some reason, our daughter doesn’t like it when I make up new versions of her favorite stories. … Around that time, the three bears returned from their walk to eat their breakfast. When they went inside their house, Papa Bear immediately noticed something wrong. “Somebody’s been DDoSing my server,” he said. Mama Bear checked her server. “Somebody’s been defacing my corporate website!” Baby Bear checked his server, too. “Somebody’s been spamming my blog!” The … Continue reading

Tartan Day 2005

Today is Tartan Day, which originated in Canada, was later adopted by the United States, and is now beginning to spread to other corners of the world, just as the “Scottish diaspora” has. The celebrations in New York this year were especially auspicious, as they featured the sword of William “Braveheart” Wallace, which has never before left its native Scotland. There was also some controversy this year with the conspicuous absence of Sean Connery, who … Continue reading

WordPress Scandal: Photomatt Responds

Matt finally had a chance to make a response to the recent WordPress SEO scandal. Here’s a small snippet: The articles hosted content thing was just a short-term experiment, an interesting idea (original and relevant Wikipedia-type content on the site) that was badly implemented. As an experiment it could have been conducted much better than it was. The content should have been more topical to WP issue, I should have kept up with the content … Continue reading

WordPress Scandal Update

Matt “scum of the earth” Mullenweg, vacationing in a not-very-wired portion of Italy, finally got wind of all the villagers with torches and pitchforks who have been searching for him. I have close to a thousand emails and countless blog posts and comments to go through, but I’ll try to synthesize everything and respond ASAP, I think it’s important because some people seem to be spinning things quite maliciously. If you have a specific question … Continue reading