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Monthly Archives: September 2005

Software taxes

Most states charge sales tax for “products”, but not for “services”. So, if you go to the store and buy a can of beans, you are charged tax. If you hire a lawn service to cut your grass, you are not. Due to the way that commercially sold computer software is typically licensed, most states didn’t charge sales tax on it. Until fairly recently, anyways. I vaguely remember grumbling about it about ten years ago … Continue reading

Helping Hurricane Victims

Do you wish that you could help a victim of Katrina or Rita? Do you have items that you think they need, but you aren’t sure where to send them? If you knew what somebody needed, would you like to be able to get it directly to them? The Been There Clearing House is “an informal clearinghouse in which individuals offering in-kind donations and individuals in need can connect.” You can read the stories of … Continue reading


We’ve been talking for a while about getting a dog. We had been leaning towards a golden retriever, but now we’re looking into maybe getting a border collie, due to their smaller size, and because they’re just darned cool. We know that, generally speaking, border collies tend to be very active. But we’re hoping to locate one that has a more laid back personality. We figure that the pet that best matches us would be … Continue reading

Photo Galleries

A while back, I asked for recommendations for photo gallery software. I still haven’t picked one (I’ve been using Flickr in the meantime), but I’ve been keeping my eye on Plogger as a strong contender. But today I ran across another good one: zenphoto. Both projects are working on WordPress integration, so I can’t wait to see where these projects go. Sample default setups: Plogger, zenphoto I heard about zenphoto via: Broken Kode

Ajaxian multi-file uploads

Over on StickBlog, there’s a nice little demo of using AJAX to provide a nice, clean interface for uploading multiple files in a web form. Only one file input is displayed at a time. As you add files, the input is replaced with information about the file, and a new file input is dynamically added. Simple and slick.

More Claire Pictures

Isn’t she cuuuuuute! Last night, I finally uploaded a few more pictures of Claire. If I can find time during lunch today, I’ll try to get even more up.

CSS-powered Slashdot goes live

The new CSS-powered version of Slashdot (mentioned previously) has gone live After 8 years of my nasty, crufty, hodge podged together HTML, last night we finally switched over to clean HTML 4.01 with a full complement of CSS. While there are a handful of bugs and some lesser used functionality isn’t quite done yet, the transition has gone very smoothly. […] And for the brave, download the stylesheet and start experimenting with new themes and … Continue reading

Free Opera Registration

You can now download the Opera 8.5 web browser license-free and ad-free. Other sources are saying that this is for today only, but I don’t see any indication on Opera’s site that it’s a limited time offer… via: Weblog Tools Collection


Susan and I have been doing some furniture shopping here and there, looking for some new dressers for our bedroom, and a new couch for our family room. We had looked at a couple of different places, looking for some good deals, and trying to decide if we might want to get some “naked” dressers and do the stain and finish ourselves. We found some good prices last week at a store that was going … Continue reading

Dear Spammers…

Thank you for continuing to submit your data to my anti-spam systems. I have been able to put your information to very good use, keeping my blogs and email practically spam-free 24-hours a day. The emails, comments, trackbacks, and referers that you submit are analyzed for key spam indicators, which I can then use to automatically block your servers so that your future spam attempts don’t even reach my web server. Eventually, I hope to … Continue reading